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Wall Street Silver Linkedin. Kinesis Money. Top Silver/Gold Miner Posts. Recent Due Diligence DD Posts. #SilverSqueeze 10 oz bar. Using Data to Understand Silver Market. r/WallStreetSilver History. History of r/WallStreetBets and r/WallStreetSilver. Silver Posts on r/WallStreetBets The day ALL Silver Stackers, Option traders and holders of Silver ETFs and Mining Stocks wake up to what I am saying and BACK OFF the Call options and own one OTM Put options each (when the price is on the rise 3% or more) the silver price will EXPLODE 10% - 20% in a day! The Strategy. The strategy is the ONLY true WMD against the corrupt and.

Bereits gestern Abend fand sich ein Beitrag unter dem Titel The biggest short squeeze in the world $SLV Silver 25$ to 1000$ auf reddit.com. Das Ganze versehen mit dem Aufruf All in on $AG Lets.. The person also noted silver stocks available to retail investors—First Majestic Silver Corp and the iShares Silver Trust ETF. After the first silver squeeze earlier in the year, silver fans from.. But not according to Redditors themselves. With the price of silver surging on Monday morning, and #SilverSqueeze trending on Twitter, it appeared as though the little guy investors on.. The pressure is building in the silver market. The internet is awash with the latest attempt to squeeze physical silver to be carried out on May 1, 2021 - 10 years to the day since the monumental sell off/manipulation that occurred back at the highs of 2011. The February effort of the silver short squeeze was an idea

The goal of the Reddit silver squeeze (that is what we'll call it) is to drive the price of silver to $50 per ounce or more, while creating turmoil for the money center banks (and J.P. Morgan in.. Gold and silver have pulled back from highs at a time the should be reaching all time highs. What is going on with silver? Is it time to buy silver and gold?..

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Was Sie über den Short Squeeze der Reddit-Trader wissen müssen. Das Kurshoch von Gamestop, AMC und Silber ebbt wieder ab. Trotzdem hallen die Short Squeezes der Reddit-Händler in der Finanzwelt nach. Wer die Gewinner der Rally sind und worauf Anleger achten sollten, wenn sie künftig mitmischen wollen. von Christiane Kreder. 4 Silver squeeze, ancora uno scacco ai mercati su Reddit | Giornalettismo Il nuovo scacco matto di Reddit ai mercati Nel fine settimana è stato fatto aumentare il prezzo dell'argento Economia 01/02/2021 di Enzo Bold Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu

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  1. Reddit Preparing To Unleash World's Biggest Short Squeeze In Silver. While all eyes have been focused on GameStop and a handful of other heavily-shorted stocks as they exploded higher under continuous fire from WallStreetBets traders igniting a short-squeeze coinciding with a gamma-squeeze, the last few days saw another asset suddenly.
  2. Silver squeeze is putting a chokehold on supply. Silver facts . Silver squeeze is putting a chokehold on supply. Silversqueeze Silver Facts 0. This morning, we saw the price drop yet again for no rational reason. Anyone who has tried getting their hands on silver knows it can't be reasonably purchased ANYWHERE for under $32 an ounce. We know the US Mint is taking another month off (stalling.
  3. Wallstreetbets, the infamous Reddit group is now calling for Short Squeezing the silver Bullion market, what many consider to be the most shorted asset in the trading market. The group moderators have now changed their access to private mode. Silver is currently heavily shorted and a majority of those short positions are bought by JP Morgan
  4. LONDON (R) - Silver prices have rocketed to their highest since 2013 as retail investors, egged on by messages on Reddit, pile into the market in an attempt to push up prices, although most..
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There's never been a better time to hold silver. Easy way to destroy 5G technology; Not enough silver to power the Green New Deal; Ask for more silver; Paper silver prices pushing physical $$ higher; Is a WallStreetBets Silver Squeeze Possible? What to do with your 401k/IRA before the stock market storm; GameStop Fiasco - Wallstreet vs. REDDIT Indeed, the Reddit crowd have really got the silver bit between their teeth and have been egged on by such unlikely predictions as silver going to US$1,000 per ounce (A$1,300/oz) instead of the present US$28/oz (A$36/oz) or thereabouts. Given that silver has crested US$50/oz (A$65/oz) only on a couple of occasions — and been swiftly beaten back down — US$1,000 seems way more than a stretch.

There are rumblings of a potential silver squeeze ahead as Reddit traders attempt to replicate last week's GameStop short-squeeze in the silver market. Here are the key charts to keep an. Finally, a Reddit rally Wall Street can get behind. The merry band of day traders behind runaway stocks like GameStop piled into silver on Monday in an effort to squeeze Wall Street ***Reddit crowd should know that GOLD AND SILVER STREAMER WHEATON PRECIOUS METALS WPM used to be called SILVER WHEATON and they have contracts for 1,000,000s oz of gold and silver at way below. Silver futures rallied Thursday to mark their highest finish in three weeks, following a post by a Reddit user, who suggested executing a short squeeze on silver 27.05.2021 | Craig Hemke Es ist jetzt vier Monate her, dass die #SilverSqueeze-Bewegung auf Reddit und Twitter begann. Während es schwierig ist, die Auswirkungen auf den Preis der digitalen..

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Gold/Silver Ratio Falls To Lowest Level Since 2017! Reddit And The Silver Short Squeeze Peter Boockvar: For some reason the Reddit crowd is chattering about silver. There is this belief that for years the big banks, particularly JP Morgan, have been artificially suppressing its price when all I think their positioning reflected was the other. Silver. 27.45-.02 (-0.08%) EUR/USD. 1.2120 Costly short squeeze makes Reddit required reading on Wall Street FILE PHOTO: A street sign, Wall Street, is seen outside New York Stock Exchange. Silver Short Squeeze Coming From Reddit Game Stop Traders | Gold & Silver - David Morgan David's Website https://www.themorganreport.com/In this video I spe.. Silver Prices Surge to Eight-Year High Amid Reddit-Fueled Frenzy By . Eddie Spence, Jake Lloyd-Smith, and . Yvonne Yue Li . January 31, 2021, 6:06 PM EST Updated on February 1, 2021, 5:39 PM EST. What worked for the Reddit group with GameStop Corp GME +13.2% is failing in the silver market. The problem seems to come down to a glaring ignorance of how the commodities markets work. Monday.

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  1. Move over GameStop, Reddit mania is spreading to the precious metals market. Silver futures surged as much as 8.5% above $29 Sunday evening, touching five-month highs. That follows a 6% rally last we
  2. A Silver Squeeze? Exploiting the Reddit group situation, some people have been suggesting that a squeeze in silver is inevitable. As a result, naïve resource investors have been buying silver and silver companies in droves. In anticipation of a squeeze, the silver price is going up. So far the Reddit rumors have resulted in a brief flurry of heightened volatility, not at all comparable to the.
  3. Reddit traders have set their sights on a new target: Silver. The most actively traded futures contracts for the precious metal climbed to their highest level in almost eight years Monday.

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Silver short squeeze on Reddit A subreddit that goes by the name The Silver Short Squeeze has almost 7,900 members. A comment on the group, which was upvoted over 100 times, asked the users. The short squeeze has become mainstream news since the Reddit retail investment community chat room found the hedge fund community wanting. Over confidence and over leverage did for Melvin Capital who were then bailed out by another hedge fund, Citadel, to the tune of two and a half billion dollars according to the media. This seems in a way, a version of the Long-Term Capital Management. Before the Gamestop squeeze, there was on Wall Street Bets a robust discussion of a potential silver squeeze. However, as the GME frenzy intensified, WSB moderators began deleting posts about silver and people making silver posts were blocked. Recognizing the silver welcome mat was no longer on the threshold, Wall Street Silver (WSS) was formed - Jan 29, 2021

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Frustrated Short Seller Says, “Fighting (This) Lunacy Is A

Was Sie über den Short Squeeze der Reddit-Trader wissen

The so called Reddit Crowd had managed to run up the price of GameStop stock in a coordinated effort to force a short squeeze. This prompted all kinds of media attention and debate. Soon thereafter, rumors began to circulate that the Reddit investors might next target the silver market in an effort to force silver prices higher. It was never. Certain silver news stories circulating are misleading and are not actually evidence of a silver short squeeze but rather part of Miguel Perez-Santalla interviewed on GoldCore TV. We're talking about the silver squeeze today with Miguel Perez-Santalla, the Head of Trading and Sales at Heraeus Metals, one of the worlds largest silver refining operations

Silver squeeze, ancora uno scacco ai mercati su Reddit

Some on the reddit forum are saying let's execute a silver squeeze. Others are saying: NO! It's a scam! There's intense disagreement on Reddit about whether to join the silver buying frenzy. I'm back with another Chart Check, this time focusing on something the WallStreetBets Reddit traders have been talking about, and that's a short squeeze in the price of silver.. Chart Check is a new segment idea I'm putting into the rotation along with my Mailbag, where I answer your questions. And in it, I'm using technical analysis to identify investment opportunities in. Silver Market Squeeze Not Coming Soon. Two months ago, after a confederation of followers of the Reddit and other websites succeeded in forcing a market squeeze in the shares of GameStop and other companies that had a high percentage of their stock sold short, some began to suggest that this practice could be repeated in the coming expiration.

The reddit silver short squeeze could see prices hit $1000. Post author: Sophiers; Post published: March 7, 2021; Post category: Uncategorized; Post comments: 0 Comments; If you've been keeping an eye on the news, you've likely heard about Wallstreetbets and the eye-watering stock price changes of video game retailer, Gamestop. The David vs. Goliath battle Continue Reading The reddit. Now, over a month later (March 23 rd), silver is trading at just over $25, an almost identical price to the day of the original Reddit post. And, as far as we can see, JP Morgan has not been destroyed. Perhaps some people got rich when silver spiked towards the $30 mark as the frenzy hit the markets and reporting was picked up by the mainstream media. But this was no GameStop trade, and the. Retail traders, inspired by Reddit posters, stormed into the silver market last week and successfully drove up prices of the physical metal, silver miners and exchange-traded funds. Spot prices, silver futures on the Comex and the largest silver exchange-traded fund, iShares Silver Trust, all climbed more than 5% in the week. Premiums on American Eagle silver coins have risen to close to $5. Reddit Crowd Bids Up Silver; Other Commodities Tougher. (Bloomberg) -- Signs that the silver market was about to get hit by a GameStop-style short squeeze emerged Wednesday. That's when comments. Reddit day traders are turning to silver for their next short-squeeze target after being restricted from hot stocks like GameStop and AMC on some trading platforms. Load Erro

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This entire story is false. WSB's stickied/top thread is warning about how the Silver Squeeze is a manufactured story - Reddit is not fueling it, the main beneficiary of this is *drum roll. As investors from Reddit seized the headlines with their Gamestop short squeeze, there was also a less successful movement to squeeze the silver marke Silver Squeeze - Reddit Revolution And Silver Awareness. Update: 2021-04-09. Share. Description. I have Precious Metals story that should put a smile on your face and some spring in your step. I've been talking about the benefits of investing in precious metals for over 10 years. If we are going to be completely honest with each other the conversation had tended to be dark. FIAT CURRENCY IS. The price of silver slid from its early highs on Monday. But the metal is up by almost 20% since Wednesday, when messages began circulating on Reddit forums, encouraging users to buy the metal Read all the latest on the Silver Short Squeeze story (click images to read): Bloomberg: Silver Is the Latest Market Hit by Reddit Day-Trader Frenzy. Twitter: #silversqueeze trending on twitter Youtube video: Is a WallStreetBets Silver Squeeze Possible? Bloomberg: Silver Seizes the Spotlight Following Reddit Day-Trader Frenzy. Kitco Metals: Can silver be short-squeezed to $1,000? Peter.

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There are now over 82,000 Reddit users subscribed to the Wall Street Silver page, and another physical buying spree is planned for Wednesday and Thursday of this week. There are some who state that the price impact has been minimal, and I suppose they're correct when they only use the COMEX price as a reference. But, for today, let's ignore the digital derivative price. What about the. Silver price hits 8-year high as retail traders take aim. Silver prices raced to the highest level since 2013 after retail traders targeted the market for the precious metal following last week. Small silver miners began surging first thing in the New York morning Thursday with First Majestic Silver Corp., cited on Reddit as a short-squeeze target, soaring as much as 39%. Then retail. Silver futures prices and shares of silver miners climbed on Thursday after a user in Reddit's popular WallStreetBets forum posted about executing a short squeeze on the precious metal Silver's Reddit surge has been extraordinary. Silver prices shot higher on mere rumors the wallstreetbets' crowd would target a silver short squeeze

In February, as all eyes shifted to Reddit after the WallStreetBets subreddit initiated a short squeeze targeting stocks like GameStop, Blackberry, and AMC Entertainment, another movement was beginning to organize. The subreddit WallStreetSilver launched after members of WallStreetBets noticed that any posts related to silver were being flagged and taken down Silver markets experienced a disappointing conclusion to last week's trading activity, as most of the short-squeeze hype generated by the Reddit cohort fell short and failed to inspire sustainable. Reddit's 'epic' silver squeeze is only helping Wall Street Silver surged to its highest price in years on Monday as it became the latest target for a brigade of day-traders on Reddit

Reddit's Wall Street Bets: 5 WSB Stocks That Could Be the Next GameStop; Reddit Traders Squeeze GameStop, And These 5 Stocks Could Be Next; CVM Stock: Why Cancer Play Cel-Sci Is Riding the. Source: Reddit, Wall St Silver. Their next attempt is right around the corner. Given it's so close, here's an explanation of how it might work and the 3 main tactics being used to cause the next squeeze. How It Might Go Down. The way the silver squeeze would happen is largely based on low supply. Retail silver supply is largely determined by mining production and recycling. Since 2016.

Silver Prices Spiked After Demand for Bars And CoinsThe Credits: "Much Ado About Nothing" - Lakers LinksReview: Bacardi Classic Cocktail Mojito - Drinkhacker

In fact, most of Reddit posts from this week warned against buying into silver because it was a distraction from its original GameStop play. So, let's take a look at why the silver squeeze didn't happen and why prices fell after briefly hitting above $30 an ounce. First, the main issue has been that the silver market is more liquid, which makes it very different from plays like GameStop. Added to fundamentals by adding link to Happy Hawaiian DD piece on Reddit. Added more accurate number on debt load and graph. Added GATA cannot get leasing info activities from BoE. Added cliff drop pics from 3/23 where no fundamentals changed to create such a significant drop in price. 3/24/2021 1230 : Added reports of ALLOCATED metals from ABC Bullion in Australia defaulting. Added a metric Listen to Silver Squeeze - Reddit Revolution And Silver Awareness by Precious Metals Investing for free. Follow Precious Metals Investing to never miss another show Reddit's silver short squeeze move has been mainly focused on buying up the physical supply. Still, the rally is spilling over into miners as a new wave of investors begins to look at the lagging silver market. On Monday, silver surged to eight-year highs of $30.35 an ounce. March silver Comex futures were last trading at $29.10, up 8.12% on the day. The largest silver ETF (SLV) also saw its. That came right after attempts to organize small traders to engineer a silver short squeeze on Reddit's famous wallstreetbets forum. While that group's apparent silver foray was fragmented and internally controversial, their buying power can't be denied. I've been a big Reddit fan for about a dozen years now, following and moving between various topical subreddit forums as my interests. The short squeeze resulted in shares in GME trading to a high of approximately $340 yesterday. Today GME shares reached an intraday high above $480 before selling pressure took the price per share down 44.29% or a drop of $153.91, closing at $193.60. This strategy began on Reddit's WallStreetBets forum after information surfaced that the.

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