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  1. Use the free data management white papers designed by Experian Data Quality to help your organization enhance its data quality initiatives
  2. WHITE PAPER: Master data management is playing a key role in the cloud customer data platforms that are revolutionizing customer service. Download this expert guide today to learn how Informatica and other platforms are using master-data backed CX technology to improve omnichannel experiences, personalize service, and decrease customer churn
  3. WHITE PAPER: Access this Eckerson Group model to learn how you can assess your cloud data management maturity level and learn how you can achieve transformation in the cloud that allows your organization to become agile, extensible, scalable, secure, and much more within your cloud environments
  4. WHITE PAPER: This data sheet covers how Switch's day-to-day operations during a pandemic are designed to mitigate the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19 or any other highly contagious pathogen. Access it here to also learn how the pandemic-prepared data center keeps everyone connected during a health crisis
  5. Call us at (888) 771-8822. The global health crisis has caused enormous demands on data in the marketplace. Find out how data experts think you should be prepping for the future. Download the research today. 93 percent of companies had data management issues as a result of the global health crisis
  6. Accelerating business value delivery with the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform . Intelligent Data Management for Data-Driven Digital Transformation. White Paper. ABOUT INFORMATICA Digital transformation changes our expectations: better service, faster delivery, greater convenience, with less cost. Businesses must transform to stay relevant
  7. SAS White aper Considering Master Data Management (MDM) Benefits New technologies such as master data management are often positioned as silver bullets when it comes to addressing long-standing systemic challenges . Every corporate technology of the preceding decade - data warehouses, enterprise resourc

This white paper gives you an overview of what reference data is, the challenges organizations face in managing it, best practices and capabilities necessary in a solution, and how the right tool can remove operational overhead so that organizations can boost productivity This paper particularly examines the industry drivers and trends in Clinical Research and their direct impact on CDM. The paper concludes by providing organizations, leaders and SMEs initial insights on the evolution of the CDM role and associated best practices in our journey from traditional Clinical Data Management to Clinical Data Science An effective business case for master data management (MDM) communicates the problem of fragmented and contradictory data in terms that are relevant to business decision-makers. Much like master data itself, an MDM business case is ideally complete, reliable, and timely. This white paper outlines key considerations that IT professionals should keep in mind when formulating an MDM business case This white paper addresses how B2B sales and marketing teams can gather high-quality company data and implement basic data management processes to build a strong CRM data foundation capable of supporting AI-enabled technology A-Team Insight White Paper. Editor's pick . Data Management Insight . Embracing Automation and Collaboration Tools to Inject Reference Data into the Trade Lifecycle. Digital transformation in the financial services sector has raised many questions around data, including the cost and volume of reference data required by each financial institution. Firms need flexible access to the reference.

Data Monetization - Use Cases, Implementation and Added Value . The data monetization landscape is evolving Data is a central resource. Only those who manage to extract value from their data will remain competitive, leading many organizations to seek new ways... Read More: Featured. Business Dashboard AN ESRI WHITE PAPER 7 User managed data and referenced data Many of these datasets, originating in file-based format or in enterprise geodatabases, are exposed to web and browser-based applications through web services via ArcGIS Enterprise. When data is published to ArcGIS Enterprise, th

Read this white paper to learn more about: - Challenges that IT organizations face while managing test data. - Key criteria to consider when building a comprehensive test data management toolset. - How advanced test data management teams have streamlined their software development pipelines This paper examines: the nature of master data; MDM's central role in SOA and BI systems; the Oracle MDM Architecture; key MDM processes of profiling, consolidating, managing, synchronizing, and leveraging master data and how the Oracle MDM solution supports these processes; and Oracle's portfolio of pre-built master data management solutions. Finally, this paper discusses build vs. bu Our white paper provides you with practical knowledge that you can immediately put into practice for your next IoT data management project Premium-Inhalte. Event-Streaming - Herzstück der Industrie 4.0. Herausforderung Daten-Virtualisierung. Mit HCI die IT vereinfachen und die Kosten senken. Wie Cyberkriminelle mit DDoS Geld verdienen. Studie ERP-Systeme: Ab in die Cloud? Komplexe Multi-Clouds unter Kontrolle. Mit Metadaten unstrukturierte Daten besser nutzen White Papers are written by organizations to explain a specific business practice, service, product or technology, and provide useful information to readers looking to understand this problem and enhance their job performance. There is no standard subject matter or presentation format but White Papers typically present data supported by facts, figures and statistics to explain the problem and its potential solution. They are generally 2500 words long but can be longer if the topic requires.

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In this white paper we explore Big Data within the context of Oracle's Information Management Reference Architecture. We discuss some of the background behind Big Data and review how the Reference Architecture can help to integrate structured, semi-structured and unstructure Complete with analysis and recommendations from IDC, this white paper covers a range of topics including: Data management investment priorities; The emergence of Data Survivors and Data Thrivers Workflow automation; Data quality and data lineage; Cloud adoption; Use of smart search applications powered by AI and machine learning; And more... Efficient data management is key to enabling the new functionalities of the energy system, stresses the European Distribution System Operators E.DSO. The association points out in a new white paper that DSOs have profound experience in meter data management and this role has traditionally been accepted

Authors of this white paper: Helena Forest & Evelyn Foo, GTB Product Management and Donya Rose & Dmitriy Berenzon, Product Strategy & Business Development. Deutsche Bank Global Transaction Banking 4 Big Data originally emerged as a term to describe large datasets that could not be captured, stored, managed nor analysed using traditional databases. However, the definition has broadened. WHITE PAPER TEST DATA MANAGEMENT IN SOFTWARE TESTING LIFE CYCLE-BUSINESS NEED AND BENEFITS IN FUNCTIONAL, PERFORMANCE, AND AUTOMATION TESTING Praveen Bagare (Infosys) and Ruslan Desyatnikov (Citibank) Abstract The testing industry today is looking for ways and means to optimize testing effort and costs. One potential area of optimization is test data management. Testing completeness and.

Data Management reference paper, we will look at both manual transcription and three potential solutions for improving the accuracy and ease of data transfer and management, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each. As such, this paper may be particularly interesting for labs that are still largely reliant o how to improve all of the ways you acquire, store, manage, share and use data. A data strategy must address data storage, but it must also take into account the way data is identified, accessed, shared, understood and used. To be successful, a data strategy has to include each of the different disciplines within data management. Onl

White Papers. Our white papers and eBooks are curated by experts in the data management field, as well as by our team. Take a more in-depth look into data lineage, data discovery and business glossaries, as well as a variety of other topics. All. Blog DIESES WHITE PAPER GIBT EINE ÜBERSICHT ÜBER ZIELE UND ARCHITEKTUR DES »INDUSTRIAL DATA SPACE«. ERGÄNZEND WERDEN AUSGEWÄHLTE EINSATZSZENARIEN UND DER INDUSTRIAL DATA SPACE E.V. VORGESTELLT. 4 ZUSAMMENFASSUNG Der Industrial Data Space ist ein virtueller Datenraum, der den sicheren Austausch von Daten und die einfache Verknüpfung von Daten in Geschäftsökosystemen1 auf Basis von Standards.

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This White Paper looks at HP's approach to Data Center Transformation and how it can help enterprise data centers reduce costs, manage risks, and support business growth. >> Securing Data at Rest: An Enterprise Strategy for Data Encryption and Key Management. Explore today's enterprise data-at-rest privacy/security landscape and examine key challenges of enterprise encryption and key. Call us at (888) 771-8822. 2021 Global data management research. The global health crisis has caused enormous demands on data in the marketplace. Find out how data experts think you should be prepping for the future. Download the research today. Topics include This whitepaper explores modern supplier data management trends among organizations, and highlights the use case and value of supplier master data management software. The white paper also includes examples of how companies have leveraged technology to correct and improve their supplier data management strategies. Posted in . Free to download. Download the whitepaper. Learn more. Article. White Paper; Report: Design Data Management. Results of techconsult industry survey Report Objectives. Find out how companies in the high-tech, industrial machinery, automotive and transportation, and electrical industries in German speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) manage their design data and processes, and what methods they use. What are the requirements of development.

Efficient data management is key to enabling the new functionalities of the energy system, stresses the European Distribution System Operators E.DSO. The association points out in a new white paper that DSOs have profound experience in meter data management and this role has traditionally been accepted. However, new requirements are emerging. The California Cooperative Ocean Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) program is one of the longest-running, multidisciplinary ocean monitoring and observing programs in existence. For many years, the emphasis of data management within CalCOFI was to quality control and curate the individual datasets collected on CalCOFI cruises, and make them available to researchers and fisheries managers.

By Philip White, IGGI Chairman The Good Data Management booklet was originally produced 2002 as part of IGGI's commitment to encourage best practice when dealing with government geographic information. Recognising that the environment is constantly evolving, the guide has been revised to take account of current best practice, recent developments and reflect key legislation. In recent years. Get access to two white paper 5G data management. Please tick these boxes if you do not wish to receive marketing information relevant to you from Informa Tec White Paper - Data Warehouse Documentation Roadmap 2.1 Data Warehouse Business Requirements (WBR) The first template that Data Management & Warehousing use is called the Data Warehouse Business Requirements and it details the 'soft' requirements for business information according to a number of subject areas of interest to the business. A business requirement is something of the form. (metadata, master data management, data governance, data migration, modernization, data integration, data quality, etc.), most efforts are focused on point solutions that address specific project or organizational needs. A data strategy establishes a road map for aligning these activities across each data management discipline in such a way tha Read this white paper to not only learn the top five reasons why manufacturing organizations should improve their data management, but how SOLIDWORKS data management solutions will help them achieve their business goals by: Boosting productivity by automating manual, repetitive tasks and minimizing delays. Improving product quality by.

In this white paper, we'll explore what we mean by 'data quality', why it's fundamental to data projects such as AI and personalization, and how you can collect complete, accurate data. Data quality is an urgent issue, the most time consuming, the most painful and it slows us down the most. We find that it's important to detect and. The Data Strategy and the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence are the first pillars of the new digital strategy of the Commission. They all focus on the need to put people first in developing technology, as well as on the need to defend and promote European values and rights in how we design, make and deploy technology in the economy. The European strategy for data aims at creating a single. Access to the expense and data management system is via secure 128-bit encryption. We have implemented NIST cryptography standards and are PCI-DS compliant. Clients can configure access privileges that vary by role to ensure audit compliance. User setup and management is driven from the front end, and a user history log informs activity reporting White Paper Data Communications for Critical Power Management Systems . 2 Critical power management systems provide advanced control and monitoring capabilities and interactive tools for assessing and responding to power system conditions. To do so, power system equipment and devices must be connected to a central platform that processes incoming data and provides resulting outputs using power. Download white paper. The Value of Automated Data Preparation & Mapping for the Data-Driven Enterprise. PDF. 327 KB. lock-icon. Created with Sketch. Download white paper. Download white paper. The Regulatory Rationale for Integrating Data Management & Data Governance

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End-to-End Data Lake Management Download the White Paper . HPCC Systems: The End-to-end Data Lake Management Solution. As datasets become larger and more complex, it's impossible to quickly respond to changing business needs using traditional relational data store such as data warehouse. Today, most organizations recognize that data is key to the ability to innovate and remain competitive in. Read the white paper; Graph Databases in the Enterprise: Master Data Management. Discover how to tap into the power of graph databases to organize and manage your master data with a flexible and schema-free database model. Read mor White Paper. Rubrik Cloud Data Management Platform on Azure. Learn more about. How Rubrik Cloud Data Management can be instantiated as a software instance running on Azure ; Critical design principles underpinning data management for cloud-native applications, including the ability to deliver ; Scale-out, self-healing architecture ; Secure access in self-service environment ; Easy integration. Data protection Best Practices Whitepaper 2019-07-22 - 5 - Version 1.0 Another term used in the industry and relates to data protection is data confidentiality,. 7 which is a property that information is not made available or disclosed to unauthorized individuals

This white paper introduces the key architectural features of Terracotta DB for in-memory data management and gives examples of how to use this next-generation in-memory computing platform The Tableau Data Management Add-on is licensed separately from your Tableau Server or Online deployment. How Tableau Data Management benefits everyone in your organization After your data is ingested and stored, it moves through preparation, analysis, and is then shared throughout the organization. We've tightly integrated data management processes—like refreshing prep flows, adding and. NESSI - Big Data White Paper 5 2.2. Research and Big Data There are currently a number of initiatives aimed at adjusting the research landscape to lodge the rapid changes taking place in the processing of data under the current and seventh framework programme for Research and Innovation, FP73. As an example, the Big Data research challenges.

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Complete with analysis and recommendations from IDC, this white paper covers a range of topics including: Data management investment priorities for 2020/1. The emergence of Data Survivors and Data Thrivers Workflow automation. Data quality and data lineage. Cloud adoption. The use of smart search applications powered by AI and machine. Download this white paper to learn more. From dynamic data analytics, to Transparent Movement Technology (TMT), to direct data access, with Komprise Intelligent Data Management, you are able to know first, move smart, and take control of massive unstructured data growth while cutting 70% of enterprise storage, backup, and cloud costs

Unstructured Data: Data found in email, white papers, magazine articles, corporate intranet portals, product specifications, marketing collateral and PDF files. Transactional Data: Data about business events (often related to system transactions, such as sales, deliveries, invoices, trouble tickets, claims and other monetary and non-monetary interactions) that have historical significance or. The State of Data Management: Challenges, Predictions, and Solutions. The level of sophistication around data has increased quite a bit in the 20 years Ron Agresta has been working with SAS. Back in the day, it would be no governance, minimal quality, and those capabilities were not well managed. Now the whole segment has shifted, he said. The End-to-End Data Lake Management Solution Data lakes are helping leading organizations solve the problem of extremely large, unstructured datasets, allowing them to increase responsiveness and scalability while reducing costs. OCTOBER 2019 WHITE PAPER. HPCC Systems White Paper - October 2019 1 Introduction Today, most organizations recognize that data is key to the ability to innovate and. Figure 1. Sample of data traditionally collected and processed by DSOs. Source: EDSO Data management: The Role of Distribution System Operators in managing data ä N.B Depending on the country considered, the DSO may already be involved in more data processes

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Find out about the benefits of Data Center Management and aid your virtualization efficiency: Operational efficiency in your Data Center; Power, cooling, security management to prevent downtime; Manage your Data Center in Real Time; Take the guess work out of Data Center Management. Click here to request your free White Paper! Publisher White Papers · Apr 2021 · Provided By HPE AMD. An emerging data center architectural option, dubbed hyperconverged infrastructure, is a new way to reduce your costs and better align enterprise.

White Paper Clone of Data Masking with the Delphix Data Platform Discover the top challenges that IT organizations face when managing test data, including exclusive results from a survey of 200+ IT professionals White paper: Insider's guide to secure & cost-effective storage solutions for financial services. Object storage consolidates massive data sets into a single, easily-managed and cost-effective environment. 14th August 202

White papers, analyst reports, and e-books. Whether you're new to Azure, or ready to deploy business-critical workloads in the cloud, explore these white papers, analyst reports, and Microsoft e-books. Get everything from the basics to deep-dive information on the cloud and Azure This white paper, by Chatsworth Products (CPI) and Innovative Research Inc. (IRI), provides an overview of the key steps for optimizing the cooling performance of air-cooled data centers. This includes employing a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling software tool for analysis and exercising airflow management best practices that will help data center managers understand the what and.

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White Paper 203 Poor rack cable management has proven to many data center operators to be a source of downtime and frustration during moves, add s and changes. It can also lead to data transmission errors, safety hazards, poor cooling efficiency, and a negative overall look and feel of the data center. This paper discuses the benefits of effective rack cable management, provides guidance for. Step 3 Manage Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies 11 Step 4 Understand and Implement Data Groups 11 Implementing Compliance with Geolocation and Data Residency 12 Step 1 Block Access by Location with Azure AD Conditional Access 12 Implementing Compliance with Data Encryption 1

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Modern Data Management with Boomi Accelerates Business Outcomes. This white paper provides overview, use case, integration, and architecture information for deploying Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP) 4.4 software on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and Dell EMC PowerSwitch networking Free Whitepaper: Using HR data to inform change management. Disruption has always played a key role in the business world. Organisations have faced change at an accelerated pace and with complex layers of disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic. By leveraging analytics-based insights and making data-driven decisions, HR can effectively manage.

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Inform your readers of key and complex issues with this professional white paper template. Follow this white paper example template to highlight key data and offer real solutions. Edit and customize this white paper template in Word This White Paper on advancing data flow governance in the Asia-Pacific region explores international and regional best practices in four domestic contexts. Download PDF Find out more > 6 April 2021 Co-designing Digital Interventions and Technology Projects with Civil Society This paper explores the role of civil society in co-designing new technologies in partnership with the public and. CSDM 3.0 WHITE PAPER 6 CSDM Domains CSDM Domains are groupings of the data model that support activity within the Now Platform. CSDM has 4 Domains: Foundation, Design, Manage Technical Services, and Sell/Consume. Each of these Domains include one or more products within ServiceNow. The combination of quality data across thes

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Mehr als 4.500 kostenlose Downloads aktueller Whitepaper, Case Studies, Webcasts und Studien zu Produkten, Services und Technologien der Informationstechnologie What Is Master Data Management and Why You Need It Discover the value of master data management to deliver better business outcomes. Get the White Paper Delivering data transparency for better business for a better world The ability to create data transparency depends directly on the availability of clean, accurate, consistent and up- to-date information A White Paper has been drafted to solicit public comments on what shape a data protection law must take. The White Paper outlines the issues that a majority of the members of the Committee feel require incorporation in a law, relevant experiences from other countries and concerns regarding their incorporation, certain provisional views based on an evaluation of the issues vis-à-vis the. Back to basics: Fundamentals of test data management 8 1 Introduction 2 What is test data management? 3 Test data management strategy 4 The bottom line 5 Resources 4. Refresh test data. During the testing process, test data often diverges from the baseline, resulting in a less-than-optimal test environment—but refreshing test data can improve testing efficiencies. Refreshing test data helps.

As part of a zero trust approach, data-centric security management aims to enhance protection of information (data) regardless of where the data resides or who it is shared with. Data-centric security management necessarily depends on organizations knowing what data they have, what its characteristics are, and what security and privacy requirements it needs to meet so the necessary protections. Enterprise data management enables the execution and enforcement of policies and processes. Here's how I described the difference to my father, who worked in the construction industry for more than 50 years: data governance is the blueprint for a building, and data management is the physical construction of the building. Without data management, there is no physical building. And while you. Basic MyData white papers. ENGLISH. MyData - an introduction to human-centric use of personal data (2020) MyData - A Nordic Model for human-centered personal data management and processing (2015) DANISH. Skab digital tillid og værdi med MyData: MyData er en tillidsbaseret forretningsmodel, der giver opdaterede og relevante data White Paper Collaborative IC design mandates integrated data management. Share. Due to complexity and multi-domain expertise, custom IC design typically requires a team to successfully design and verify the project. Often, specific blocks are assigned to team members based on analog, digital, MEMS, RF expertise, across multiple geographies, and separate verification team members focus on block. This white paper examines the growing need for more standardized data, as well as the role of and a roadmap for creating the securities master system. Data Integrity and Standardization One of the largest financial institutions in the world has 43 systems containing client and coun-terparty data, as well as 37 systems containing securities data. This results in a higher prob-ability of.

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