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Many mistakes are made with FBAR filing, the most common being: Many persons are under the mistaken belief that if one has several overseas accounts and a particular account is not... Another common mistake arises when an account beneficially belongs to another person. In this case it is often.... FBAR filing is a critical IRS compliance requirement with huge monetary civil penalties at stake and potential criminal consequences. It has ongoing compliance reporting requirements with enforcement teeth behind it. With foreign financial institutions disclosing U.S. account holder information due to FACTA, it's not one to ignore

An FBAR is your Foreign Bank Account Report, also known as FinCEN Form 114. If you're in the reporting threshold, you submit it yearly. The Foreign Bank Account Report exists to combat tax evasion, specifically reporting money and assets in foreign banks FBAR is a commonly used acronym to refer to FinCEN Form 114 which is titled Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts. FBAR is a means for US persons to report their foreign bank accounts to the US government. It is a way for the US Department of Treasury to keep a tab on the finances of US persons and the flow of those finances The FBAR is the FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) form that is used by U.S. Persons to report foreign bank and financial accounts. While the FBAR is technically a FinCEN Form, it is enforced by the IRS. And, depending on when you are reading this, you may still have time to timely file your FBAR in the current year

Some may already be aware of the US requirement to file an annual report to disclose non-US assets. The report is formally known as FinCEN Form 114 - Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, or FBAR, for short. The requirement to file an FBAR, in one form or another, has existed for many years FBAR 2021: The FBAR is the Foreign Bank and Financial Account Reporting Form (aka FinCEN 114). The IRS requirements for submitting the FBAR in 2021 are not much different than what was required to be filed in prior years, but there are some recent clarifications to be aware of Institutions (including attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents), must register with the BSA E-Filing System and obtain a User ID and password in order to file FBARs. Please review the FAQs regarding the definition of an Individual as well other items regarding filing guidelines. For direction on how to complete the FBAR properly, contact FinCEN's Regulatory Helpline at 800-949-2732; if calling from outside the United States contact 703-905-3975

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service is reminding U.S. citizens, resident aliens and any domestic legal entity that the deadline to file their annual Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) is still April 15, 2021. The extension of the federal income tax filing due date and other tax deadlines for individuals to May 17, 2021, does. When is the FBAR Due? The FBAR is technically due when a person's tax return is due, which is generally 4/15 of each year - or whichever date the tax return is due. Currently, the FBAR is on automatic extension through October 15th (or whichever October filing date the extension falls on in the current year) FBAR Exchange Rate: The FBAR is the FinCEN Form 114. FinCEN is the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, and the 114 Form is otherwise known as an Foreign Bank and Financial Account Form — and a major headache for U.S. Person Account Holders worldwide. Since the FinCEN is not an IRS form per se (although the IRS does enforce the filing requirements. The filing penalties for the FBAR start at $10,000 but can escalate quickly, up to 50% of the value of accounts you fail to disclose, if the IRS determines that you are purposely avoided filing the FBAR. While there is a penalty abatement process to help remove penalties associated with the failure to file an FBAR we certainly recommend that these forms be filed timely and accurately from the.

The Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR), aka Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Form 114, is used to declare the account balances of foreign bank accounts. The government uses it to.. Under Treasury regulations, any United States person who has a financial interest in a bank, security, or other financial account in a foreign country must make an FBAR filing annually. The purpose of the FBAR filing is to inform the U.S. Treasury of the existence of the taxpayer's relationship with the foreign account, bank or security (1)

When a person has foreign bank and financial accounts (Bank Accounts, Life Insurance or Pension for example) and meet the threshold for filing — they may have an FBAR filing requirement. The FBAR Filing due date coincides with the tax return filing due dates, but those dates are subject to change, as was the case in 2020 The first field, Filing Name field is used as an identifier for your FBAR and we recommend a name that clearly defines your FBAR (Smith FBAR 2013, for example). This information is useful in the event you need to contact the help desk. 2. Validate FBAR - Click on the Validate button to ensure you have all fields entered correctly. The system will prompt you i Individuals Filing the Report of Foreign. Bank & Financial Accounts (FBAR) To file the FBAR as an individual, you must personally and/or jointly own a reportable foreign financial account that requires the filing of an FBAR (FinCEN Report 114) for the reportable year. There is no need to register to file the FBAR as an individual

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  1. al violations. However, it isn't exactly clear whether failure to amend is covered by this violation --- it's better to be safe and amend any mistakes on the FBAR. You may.
  2. An FBAR statement is a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts form. It is electronically filed annually with the Department of the Treasury online. FBARs are due in April, with an automatic extension through the October filing extension date. Is it more than $10,000 per account, or in Total
  3. An FBAR is a Foreign Bank Account Report. The requirement to file an FBAR was introduced back in 1970, however for many years most Americans living abroad lived safely in ignorant bliss of FBAR filing requirement, as Uncle Sam had no way of enforcing it
  4. Potentially equivalent to 100% of the highest amount held in a U.S. taxpayer's foreign financial account, in fact, if they're found to have been wilful in their failure to comply with the rules. As we reported here in May, for example, a U.S. taxpayer in Florida was hit with almost US$13m in FBAR penalties
  5. You can e-file your FBAR directly through the FinCen's online filing system. Although anybody can file themself, Expatfile believes that this process can be more efficient and quicker if you have the right guidance. We will support this soon (not first June 2020 release). In the meantime, we can send you an email with very easy-to-follow instructions to complete FBAR throug
  6. FBAR - Foreign Bank Account Reporting. FBAR Filing 2020: Most of the United States tax payers are not aware of FBAR Filing, which is very much mandatory to report.Since April 2013 FinCEN(Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) which is a bureau of Department of Treasury entitled to keenly analyse the foreign bank account transitions in order to contain international money laundering, terrorist.

FBAR stands for Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts. It is a filing requirement for certain U.S. persons that meet two specific criterions. The first one is that they have an interest or authority over a foreign account/ (s). The second one is that the account/ (s) have an aggregate value of more than $10,000 Streamlined Tax Filing Program - This program allows delinquent FBAR filers to late file FBARs without threat of penalty. Under the program taxpayers will file 3 years of late (or adjusted) 1040 US tax return and 6 years of late FBAR filings. Please contact us for more information on the streamlined tax filing program Filing an FBAR is required if the total (aggregate) value of all of your financial assets is over $10,000 on any day in the tax year. It is can be a quite confusing situation for taxpayers who they aren't the main holder of a financial account. Americans abroad mistakingly think they don't need to disclose the foreign account on FBAR in this case. Well, you need to know that even the.

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  1. To file an FBAR, you'll need to go through FinCEN's BSA E-Filing System and find FinCEN Report 114 - the technical name for the FBAR. Once you've found the form on the BSA E-Filing website, you'll see that you have two options: to file it through your browser or to download a PDF of the document, which you'll fill out and submit as a separate step. Use whichever method is easiest.
  2. Filing of Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) form or FinCEN Form 114 to the U.S. Treasury Department is a requirement for all United States citizens with foreign financial accounts that holds an aggregate value of more than $10,000 in balance at any time during the calendar year
  3. How Do I File the FBAR? The Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (114) must be filed electronically using the BSA E-Filing System. Individuals can satisfy their filing obligation by using the no registration option within the E-Filing System. Institutions (including attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents), must register with the BSA E.
  4. e whether you need to file the FBAR is based on how much is and has been in your foreign financial accounts within a full year. Check out this list below to deter
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FBAR filing was recently changed to the same date that individual income tax form 1040 returns are due. The earlier FBAR due date of June 30 was hard to remember and there was no possibility of an extension. Any taxpayer required to file an FBAR who misses the April 15 FBAR due date will be granted an automatic extension of six more months to file. The extended deadline date is now October 15. How to file an FBAR. You must file the report either directly with FinCEN, using the BSA e-filing system, or using tax software. Look for some type of expat option, and it will likely allow you to. According to Richardson, a little-recognized feature of the FBAR is that the minimum required to trigger an FBAR filing obligation when the law was introduced fifty years ago - US$10,000 - is significantly less, as a result of inflation, today. As a result, it's safe to say that almost all expats have an FBAR filing obligation, or at least, if they're not sure, they need to check, he says FBAR Filing Requirements FBARS are also due on April 15th, just like your tax returns. FBAR must be filed separately from other tax returns. If you miss the deadline, you will receive an automatic extension until October 15 and you will receive no penalties as long as the FBAR is filed by the October deadline; Delinquent FBARs If you neglect to file by October 15 (at the latest), your FBAR is.

The FBAR filing requirement is imposed upon taxpayers through the U.S. Treasury. Under Treasury regulations, any United States person who has a financial interest in a bank, security, or other financial account in a foreign country must make an FBAR filing annually. The purpose of the FBAR filing is to inform the U.S. Treasury of the existence of the taxpayer's relationship with the foreign. This filing requirement does not replace or otherwise affect a taxpayer's requirement to file FBAR; this is a tax form that needs to be filed in addition to TD F 90-22.1. FBAR vs. Tax FBAR. There are several notable differences between the FBAR and Tax FBAR filings. A few of the more basic differences are described below; however, many others. How To File An FBAR with MyExpatTaxes. With the #1 best selling US tax software for expats, you can quickly fill out an entire tax return, including the FBAR, as fast as 15 minutes. The first page assesses whether you need to complete an FBAR. Simple questions like whether you have any financial accounts located outside the US and have more than $10,000 total combined from these accounts. If.

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https://nomadcapitalist.com/2013/09/25/fbar-and-other-offshore-bank-account-reporting-requirements/If you're not familiar with the term, FBAR is the report o.. What are the Penalties for Failing to File an FBAR? 1. Negligent Failure to File an FBAR. Negligent failure to file an FBAR is a civil violation of the Bank Secrecy Act. 2. Non-Willful Failure to File an FBAR. Non-willful failure to file an FBAR carry a statutory civil penalty of $10,000. 3. A. FBAR filing allows the US government to know whether an individual's foreign asset is taxable. Moreover, one of the main objectives of FBAR filing is to prevent money laundering, tax evasion, hiding drug money, and other illegal activities. Any individual who is a US resident and owns a financial account anywhere in the world must know what is FBAR filing. Filing of the FBAR helps in the.

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What is FBAR filing? FBAR stands for Foreign Bank Account Report, and refers to TD F90-22.1 Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts. In mid-2013, the form was renamed, and is now called FinCEN 114. Whatever number it goes by, it must be filed by U.S. persons if the person has an interest in, or signatory authority over a foreign. Note that if you file a Form 8938, you still need to file an FBAR as well, for which the threshold is over $10,000 in foreign assets. An important distinction is that the FATCA 8938 is included with your income tax return, while the FBAR is a separate filing with FinCEN and is thus not part of your tax return

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  1. If one is to file an extension for one's US income tax return it will also extend the due date for the FBAR filing. The FBAR is completely separate from one's income tax return and currently, it has a different due date. In addition, one cannot obtain an extension to file an FBAR. But this will change for FBARs covering the 2016 year, due.
  2. The FBAR must be filed electronically, either through FinCIN's BSA E-filing System, or in coordination with a tax preparation service that has the ability to file for you. Typically, each person must file a separate report. In rare instances, a joint account can be filed, such as when spouses own an account together and neither has a second, separate account
  3. No FBAR Filing Extension. There is no statutory authority to extend the time for filing an FBAR, and any request for such an extension will be denied. Extensions of time to file federal income tax.

This is also the final deadline for filing an FBAR. Please Note: The US Federal tax return extension is an extension of time to file and not an extension of time to pay any tax due to the IRS. If you owe tax to the US, your interest will start accruing from the first tax deadline - April 15th. Additionally, if you do not request an extension and do not file, a late payment penalty of 5% may. FBAR filing instructions. To file the FBAR (or have a tax professional file the FBAR for you ), you'll need the following information: The name, Social Security Number or ITIN, and address of all joint account owners. The names and addresses of all foreign financial institutions where you hold accounts

The FBAR filing requirement is also based on the highest account balance during the year. If your account balance exceeds $10,000 for even one day during the year, you need to file an FBAR. FATCA Filing Requirements. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) imposes different requirements on taxpayers with foreign accounts. This may require to file a Form 8938, Statement of Specified. the FBAR form online. The deadline to file the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) to FinCEN. coincides with the current IRS tax season filing deadline for annual tax returns. *NOTE: We are not affiliated with the Internal Revenue Service. We are a 3rd-party service provider to help you file your FBAR quickly & painlessly

FBAR is filed with the Department of Treasury and Form 8938 includes on your tax return, filed with IRS. You may need to file one of them or both for the Tax Year. The key difference between FinCen114 and Form 8938 is that form 8938 is used for reporting of interest in a Foreign Asset, whereas for FBAR even a signature authority or Financial. Currently, the FBAR regulations do not provide guidance for distinguishing willful versus non-willful FBAR filing violations. In the IRS's Internal Revenue Manual, the IRS suggests that the term willful should carry the same meaning as in the criminal context. It states that, the test for willfulness is whether there was a voluntary, intentional violation of a known legal duty. Willful FBAR Violations. Under 31 USC 5321(a)(5)(C), a penalty for a willful FBAR violation may be imposed on any person who willfully violates or causes any violation of the FBAR filing and recordkeeping requirements. The statutory ceiling is the greater of $100,000 or 50% of the balance in the account at the time of the violation

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FBAR was created under the law called the Bank Secrecy Act. The Bank Secrecy Act was set up to detect and find money laundering or terrorist financing. It was set up for the right reasons, to do the right things by aiding law enforcement. But much like life, FBAR's execution is complicated. In practical terms, what it means for your life, is. What is an FBAR and How Do I File One? If you have checking, demand deposit, or investment accounts based with an offshore financial institution, there's a good chance that you will need to file what's known as a Foreign Bank Account Report. Popularly referred to as an FBAR, this report is typically filed once a year The FBAR is filed annually and must be submitted before April 15. In most instances, it is essential to report all foreign financial accounts, even if the account does not generate taxable income. FBARs are not filed with tax returns, but the dates and extensions have been aligned with the tax filing. So if you are an expatriate living abroad.

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As recently as May 2016, the deadline to file an FBAR was June 30 of the following year. However, starting in 2017, FBARs will need to be completed, along with Form 8938 and your federal tax returns, by April 15. But while, you can file for an extension of your FATCA forms along with your tax return, the IRS has not historically allowed FBAR extensions. Where Forms Are Filed. When you file. Willfully failing to file an FBAR and willfully filing a false FBAR are both violations that are subject to criminal penalties under U.S. tax law. Now that I explained the risks for not filing US tax returns and/or FBAR forms, let's review what the legal options are in order to amend this: 1. Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP)- This program is a uniformed penalty structure for U.S. While the IRS requires you file an FBAR and sets out the statute of limitations on filing, FBARs are administered by the Department of Treasury and its Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Despite this administration authority the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network delegated its FBAR authority to the IRS in 2003. It is important to note, the United States Tax Court, in Williams v. The way the rules are written, the filing requirement is triggered if a U.S. person, at any time in the year, had certain types of foreign financial accounts. An expatriate would satisfy those rules, so the FBAR (FinCen Form 114) is technically required. So the short answer to the question is yes, you should file a 2014 FinCen Form 114

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for filing an FBAR - they're required to file the FBAR unless otherwise exempted. The FBAR as filed electronically directly on the FinCEN website. When a person files the FBAR, they were first received an email acknowledgment that it was received in a follow-up confirmation that it was processed If there is a reasonable cause for your FBAR violations, and your conduct was non-willful, you may not have to pay any penalties at all. Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) states that when an FBAR violation is found, the IRS examiner must either issue a Letter 3800 or issue a penalty. The Letter 3800 is warning letter notifying you of your. To file your FBAR, go through Google or directly to BSA's E-Filing System. This is how the landing page looks. You have an option to file on paper. But I can't think of a reason why. The online filing is super easy and takes only a few minutes if you have the information handy. You start with your contact information: name, email address and phone number. You do have to complete the form. FBAR filing allows the US government to know whether an individual's foreign asset is taxable. Moreover, one of the main objectives of FBAR filing is to prevent money laundering, tax evasion, hiding drug money, and other illegal activities. Any individual who is a US resident and owns a financial account anywhere in the world must know what is FBAR filing. Filing of the FBAR helps in the. FBARs penalties are assessed per account, not per unfiled FBAR, for each person required to file. Moreover, penalties apply for each year of each violation. For example, you own 3 accounts that have not been reported for 3 years so you should expect 9 separate assessed penalties. Also, if there is more than one account holder or if a person other than the account owner has signature authority.

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FBAR Filing Instructions United States residents, citizens, estates, trusts and domestic entities with ownership or control of foreign accounts including bank account, trust, mutual fund, brokerage account or any other type of foreign financial account with an aggregate value of over $10,000 at any time during the calendar year are required to file a report to [] Read More . FBAR Filing. - If the IRS determines that your failure to file the FBAR form was willful, and the failure to report your foreign financial account also resulted in your not reporting a significant amount of taxable earnings to the US, you are at particular risk for prosecution both under the laws establishing FBAR violations (Title 31 of the US Code) and the laws establishing tax violations (Title 26 of. The Penalty For Not Filing the FBAR. Over the last couple years, the treasury department has stepped up efforts to find assets in foreign banks. The 2010 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which was part of the HIRE Act, requires Foreign financial institutions like banks to report to the U.S. government on the foreign assets held by U.S. account holders or be subject to penalties and. Here are some things you really should know before you decide NOT to file an FBAR. The FBAR is the Report of Foreign Bank Accounts. FBAR is also known as F..

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Failing to file an FBAR subjects a person to a prison term of up to 10 years and criminal penalties of up to $500,000. Willfully filing a false FBAR - 31 U.S.C. §5322 - Filing a FBAR with inaccurate information. Failing to file an FBAR subjects a person to a prison term of up to 10 years and criminal penalties of up to $500,000. Share: Learning Center Explore Our Services Receive the Best. In FBAR, requires specified persons to declare only foreign financial accounts. While the form 8938 requires them to file foreign financial assets. One files FBAR separately from the individual tax return. You need to file form 8938 along with annual tax return. Penalties for non-compliance. The penalty of non-filing of form 8938 is $10,000. It. Importantly, while the FBAR filing requirement does not apply to offshore financial accounts that solely hold virtual currency, cryptocurrency investors are required to disclose accounts that hold both virtual currency and other reportable assets. In other words, placing virtual currency into an offshore account does not alleviate the obligation to report the account to FinCEN. If this.

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What is an FBAR Consolidated Report? Answer. A Consolidated Report allows a US Person who owns directly or indirectly more than 50% of an entity that must file an FBAR to file one consolidated report on behalf of the US Person and the other entity. If this rule applies to you, click Add in that area. You will need to supply the following. FBAR issues can either be simple or pretty complex. One universal consensus, though, is that FBAR filing requirements are often misunderstood, leading to many reporting errors. What You Need to Know About FBAR. FBAR filings are on the rise as FATCA and other international compliance efforts have raised awareness among taxpayers with offshore. A person who is required to file an FBAR and fails to properly file may be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $10,000 per violation. If there is reasonable cause for the failure and the balance in the account is properly reported, no penalty will be imposed. A person who willfully fails to report an account or account identifying information may be subject to a civil monetary penalty. FBAR Filing . FBAR Filing Requirements: The FBAR is an international information reporting form that is enforced by the IRS.Technically, it is referred to as the Foreign Bank and Financial. FBAR filings has grown an average of 17 percent each year, reaching an all-time high of more than 1.16 million reports. To be sure, the increased penalties and stepped-up IRS enforcement activities were targeted at unlawful or even criminal conduct. Nevertheless, the consequences of these efforts undeniably extend to inadvertent failures, so-called benign actors, and situations in which there.

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Penalties for willful failure to file an FBAR. IRC § 5321(a)(5) provides for the imposition of civil penalties for a willful failure to comply with the reporting requirements of IRC 5314 - i.e, when the person maintaining a foreign account fails to timely file an FBAR reporting that account despite having an obligation to do so What Is FBAR Filing? U.S. citizens and residents who have a financial interest in or signature authority over financial accounts in foreign countries or in foreign branches of banks headquartered in the U.S. may be required to file FinCEN Form 114: Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts The FBAR filing requirement was introduced by the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) of 1970 and the first FBARs were filed in 1971. In April 2003, the Department of the Treasury delegated civil enforcement authority for the FBAR to the Internal Revenue Service, IRS. The IRS civil enforcement of the FBAR has confused a lot of people since then, leading many to believe, incorrectly, that the FBAR is a tax. What's the penalty for not filing an FBAR? A person who is required to file an FBAR and does not properly do so can be liable for up to $10,000 in fines per violation (although the fee may be waived in case of a reasonable cause for failure to file). Willful neglect to file an FBAR is subject to a penalty of $100,000 or 50% of the balance in.

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But the penalties for failing to file an FBAR, or for filing a false FBAR, are staggering: $100,000 or 50 percent of the balance of the account at the time of the violation for willful violations. If you fail to file an FBAR or make a mistake on your filing, you could be facing severe penalties. The IRS has the authority to punish you with a $10,000 fine for each non-willful violation. That means that you could be on the hook for $10,000 for not knowing about filing an FBAR or for making a simple mistake on it. If the IRS determines that your failure to file is willful, you could be. Any filing extensions of time granted by the IRS to file a tax return does not extend the time to file an FBAR. What are the penalties for filing the FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) late? There are 2 different types of penalties for not filing an FBAR by the due date - Non-Willful and Willful. Maximum Penalty Non-willful. The FBAR filing requirement isn't part of your annual income tax return. As mentioned, the FBAR Form 114 is filed separately and directly with FinCEN. The FBAR filing requirement typically applies even if a taxpayer qualifies for certain tax benefits relative to their foreign accounts, like the foreign earned income exclusion or the foreign tax credit—two items that can reduce.

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Luckily, the entire FBAR filing process takes place online and has no tax liabilityRead more. About Us. SDG Accountant began in the spring of 2014 as an accounting firm dedicated to servicing clients with tax filing in the Greater Toronto Area. As clients appreciated working with our firm, more referrals were happening and our firm continuously grew in size. Through our customer-focused. See FBAR information for form 8938 threshold filing requirements. If no form 8814 is filed, the child's accounts do not have to be recorded on the parent's form 8938. If a parent does not file form 8814, the US child may have to file his own 8938 if the total value of his foreign financial assets is more than $200,000 at year end or $400,000 at any point during the year FBAR = Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Reporting. A United States taxpayer (be that an individual or a corporate) that has a financial interest in, or signing power over, foreign financial accounts must file an FBAR if the aggregate value of the foreign financial accounts exceeds $10,000 at any time during the calendar year

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