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4 months ago. Okay, since a lot of people get it wrong, I should write it again carefully. 420 Hero wit is a total from lvl 1 to lvl 90. I did write (lvl 80 + 172 HW) right behind it, it's mean from lvl 80, you will need 172 Hw in order to get to lvl 90. Also my information might different from the wiki October 27, 2020 by Ordinary Gaming. Hero's Wit is an item in Genshin Impact that gives you around 20,000 EXP for your character's level. It's currently the best item in-game to level up your characters, much better than the usual Adventurer's Experience. Here's how you can get Hero's Wit in Genshin Impact For 1 character to go from lvl 1 to lvl 80 its 248 heros wits (if leftover xp matters to you then its like 240 wits+ some reds Hero's Experience. 20000. 3000. A character's level can be increased using Character's EXP materials. When leveling a character, choose the Attribute option from the character screen then use the exp items to level up your characters Cant seem to find info on how many you need for 1 character to level from 50 to 60 (per level count), then 60 to 70. Someone posted here a while back that it costs 90 books per level from 70 to 80? That is all the info I could find on the matter

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  1. You would need to invest nearly 5 million Mora on one character, along with the cost of each upgrade requires rare additional items. Hero's Wit and other items that are more commonly known as greens or blues depicting the rarity of the item. Green items are common while purple are rare ones. Weapon upgrade
  2. Genshin Impact - Midsummer Courtyard [Level 80 Guide] - YouTube. Supporting Small Businesses. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try.
  3. Hero's Wit is the rarest of the character EXP materials, but extremely valuable to get your hands on. Just one of these items gives 20,000 EXP, which can make a massive dent in even the highest level character's EXP bar, if not level them up outright. Unfortunately, you can only get them as an event reward. Certain chapters will feature them as set rewards, but they are otherwise completely random and difficult to farm
  4. imal. My Chongyun at lv71 was hitting for 2k per hit. At lv80 he hit for 3.5k per hit. No other changes were made at all. So it's worth levelling your main team to max level. But everyone else can definitely stay lower, especially since you can split your main team in two for Abys
  5. EXP Given. Wanderer's Advice. 1,000 EXP. Adventurer's Experience. 5,000 EXP. Hero's Wit. 20,000 EXP. The best way to level up your characters is through the use of Character EXP Materials. You can get them from quests, defeating elite enemies, and from chests around the world
  6. After reaching World Level 5, the option to decrease your World Level by 1 becomes available from the World Level tool-tip on your main menu profile. Decreasing your World Level accordingly lowers the level of Ley Line Blossoms and opponents in the open world, but also decreases the rewards you gain from defeating them. Only one adjustment to your World Level is allowed within 24 hours, after changing the World Level you cannot reset it to its original value again until the timer expires.

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Leveling up tons of characters to high levels does eat up lots of Mora, but you can grab more by taking on Blossom of Wealth Ley Line Outcrops, which spawn enemies for you to defeat. Genshin. Genshin Impact. miHoYo. WEAPONS. Aquila Faviona (5 star sword) - Level 80. The Flute (4 star sword, x2) - Level 70. Prototype Rancour (4 star sword) - Level 6

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414 x Hero's Wit; 1,673,400 Mora; This is the basic rundown of the average amount of books used to ascend a character, of course, the amount can change if you end up with more Hero's Wit than Adventurer's Experience. Related: Genshin Impact - Best Build For Klee. How To Get Klee's Level Up Item Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List. Units are evaluated at the constellation marked on their portrait and by their preferred roles. Tiers are ordered alphabetically. Heavily based on the Tier List by Usagi Sensei, a well known and respected theory crafter. Quick View. S+. C1. Bennett Utility. C0. Ganyu Main DPS. C0. Hu Tao Main DPS. C0. Venti Utility. C6. Xingqiu Sub DPS. C0. Zhongli. Increase Character Level In Genshin Impact. There are two methods of earning character experience in Genshin Impact. The first is by defeating enemies. Each enemy that is defeated will give the player a different amount of experience depending on what level they are. If a player defeats an enemy that is a higher level than their own, they will gain more experience. But weaker enemies will only. Leveling your characters is one of the most important things to do in Genshin Impact. Doing so will allow you to progress through quests more quickly and take on more powerful enemies. In turn, this helps to increase your account-wide Adventure Rank faster. Here's how to ascend your characters in Genshin Impact

To level up fast in Genshin Impact, you'll want to focus your energy on collecting EXP materials. As you explore the world of Teyvat, you'll come across items called Wanderer's Advice. As everyone continues to dive deeper into Genshin Impact, the need for each hero's efficient build becomes more evident and critical. The early game content has little to no demands as far as team strength is concerned given that your starting team can make good progress almost regardless of how you build them but from mid to end game, challenges can become overwhelming A lot of Genshin Impact players spend a significant amount of money in the game, trying to secure 5-star characters. While it's clear that the chance of scoring one is mainly out of luck, some. Genshin Impact will have you grinding for EXP boosts like Hero's Wit. Here's our leveling guide to help you with some basics

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  1. READ MORE: Genshin Impact 1.1 Update Countdown - Patch Notes, Leaks, New Characters, Events, Weapons, PS5, Nintendo Switch and More The event will call on all players to fight back against a.
  2. Characters in Genshin Impact are not bound to a single level-cap: they can rise higher through Character Ascension, though the materials don't always come cheap. That, and you'll need to raise your overall Adventure Rank to unlock each Character Ascension tier, so you'll need to put on your explorer's cap if you want to continue advancing your favorite characters. Character Ascension.
  3. a depleted and more from cooking. Genshin Impact Characters List Date : 2020-08-31 By : Ratana

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  1. The higher odds last until Wish number 80, at which point the Gacha System resets. How to Get Characters in Genshin Impact for Free. At the end of the day, Genshin Impact remains a F2P game. Yes.
  2. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world RPG, boasting two dozen playable characters, but less than half of them are worth your time.. Here's Inverse's definitive ranking of every character.
  3. Adventure Rank governs a lot of things in Genshin Impact. Many unlocks are hidden behind having a higher Adventure Rank - you'll unlock new queue spots at the blacksmith's forge for creating.
  4. Genshin Impact Damage Calculator that applies the correct damage formulas. Optimizer to help find the best in slot weapons, sets, and substats for more DPS. Make all your characters do more damage regardless of what the tier lists and guides say
  5. Here's a table that charts out how much EXP and Mora you get from spending resin on Ley Lines in Genshin Impact. Ley Line Rewards. AR AR EXP Companion EXP Character EXP Material EXP Equivalent Mora; 8-11: 100: 10: 3-4 Adventurer's Experience 7-8 Wanderer's Advice: 22,000-28,000EXP: 0: 12-19: 100: 10: 3-4 Adventurer's Experience 7-8 Wanderer's Advice: 22,000-28,000EXP: 12,000: 20-24: 100: 15.
  6. Genshin Impact A.R.C. (Ascension Resource Calculator) Check Genshin Impact characters you have, set their current level and experience and get calculation of resources such as Hero\'s Wit, Elite boss drop and Mobs drop and etc. needed to reach level 90. You can save your calculation for further use by entering a keyword and load results later
  7. Genshin Impact is currently offering four Banners, with most of them offering a 0.6% chance of pulling a 5-star character or weapon, 5.1% chance of pulling a 4-star item, and 94.3% chance of.

Genshin Impact launched on Sept 28th, 2020 From the makers of Genshin Impact: In @GenshinImpact, you're on a journey to find your lost sibling. But, first you have to wind through a mysterious world full of dangerous sorcery, and pick up skills to complete your perilous quest. Current Playable Characters Source How to reroll mini Genshin Impact: Gacha Cost Calculation Guide Read. Genshin Impact is a gacha game, but you don't have to do a single pull to unlock enough heroes for a versatile party - you just have to play through the story. As you play through, many of the. But, seeing as version 1.2 has just arrived as a neat early Christmas present, below you'll discover how many Crimson Agate there are in Genshin Impact, and you'll also find all their locations People's Choice Xiangling Genshin Impact Guide. There are two main requirements that you must meet before you're able to progress. Firstly, you need to increase Adventure Rank to 20. Unfortunately there's no easy, quick-fix method to reaching that objective. It's likely to take you 10-20 hours depending on play style and your approach. Xiao's Ascension Materials, Talents, Stats, And Ratings. Here are the complete lists of talent and ascension materials for Xiao in Genshin Impact. Learn more about his talent stats, base stats, constellations, and community ratings on this page. Rating: 4.65 /5. From 193 votes

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  1. In Genshin Impact, you're going to need to manually level up your characters to make them stronger. While characters do gain EXP from killing enemies, the amount they gain from this is extremely.
  2. How To Increase World Level In Genshin Impact. Checking your World Level is very simple. Open the main menu and inspect your player card in the top left. You'll see your character portrait, your name, and various other bits and pieces of information. More importantly, this is also where you can see your World Level
  3. Genshin impact step by step rerolling guide. Below are steps that you have to need to follow to rerolling. Download & install the game and start downloading 5.8 GB Resources files from the server. Choose your region server and choose your sign in option. ( recommended option is the username & password sign in) Once, you start the playing, you.

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Since Genshin Impact is a gacha game - admittedly, a gacha game within a surprisingly deep JRPG - rerolling is a big part of the meta. If you'r Genshin Impact 1.6 update is expected to arrive in a couple of weeks. Kazuha, being one of the major highlights of the update, is highly anticipated by a lot of fans In this Genshin Impact guide, we'll cover how elemental attacks work and list the many elements and elemental combos the game has to offer. How Elements Work in Genshin Impact. As you'd expect, elemental damage is more powerful than standard damage on certain enemies. Depending on the enemy and what element it's weak to, you'll want to.

Genshin Impact Battle Pass Guide - Rewards, Unlock, Quests, Bounties. Much like any other game you're probably familiar with, Genshin Impact too, has a battle pass. It comes complete with the usual features: a free track and a premium track, daily quests to speed up progression, and rewards along the way. In this guide, we run down. Xiao dons the Yaksha Mask that set gods and demons trembling millennia ago. Yaksha's Mask. • Greatly increases Xiao's jumping ability. • Increases his attack AoE and attack DMG. • Converts attack DMG into Anemo DMG, which cannot be overridden by any other elemental infusion. In this state, Xiao will continuously lose HP Genshin Impact Code Guide - Redeem for Free Wishes, Primogems, & More; Genshin Impact Tips Guide - 11 Things the Game Doesn't Tell You; Genshin Impact Free Characters Amber . Amber is the first character you'll get in the game during the introduction. Sadly, she's one of the worst so you'll want to shelve her as soon as possible. Most players really only use her to light fire. Genshin Impact does a great job of making you feel like you have unlimited resources early on in the game. However, as you begin ascending your characters and weapons, you realize your resources are not all that limitless. Mora is one of those resources you'll need lots of in your journeys, so we wanted to put together this guide to help you out. Here's how to get Mora in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm, becoming probably the biggest game out of a China studio in a long time. Developer miHoYo has boasted over 20 million preregistered players

In Genshin Impact, you can unlock six characters completely for free: The Traveler, Amber, Lisa, Barbara, Kaeya, and Xiangling. Some of these characters are easy, and others take a bit more work In Genshin Impact, the main draw is to win characters. Once you decide to spend, the game will open a wish with either a weapon inside, or if you're lucky, a four-star or five-star. Ultra fast and easy to use Genshin Impact Upgrade Calculator Genshin Impact Eula Fan Fully Levels Her Up In Under 4 Minutes. A crafty Genshin Impact player managed to fully level up the game's newest ice dancing character, Eula, within four minutes of unlocking her. A particularly dedicated Genshin Impact player has fully leveled up Eula, the game's newest playable character, in under four minutes We will talk about them in great detail and tell you if they're worth leveling up and focusing on in the long run. As a general rule, your starter characters are more than sufficient to play through and win Genshin Impact's main story mode. Tier & power levels for gacha characters, starters included, only count if you're doing high level Domains and Spiral Abyss dungeon runs

Genshin Impact is the latest free-to-play gacha craze, attracting millions of players across PS4, PC, and mobile devices. Adventure Rank is the main leveling system in Genshin Impact. This is an account-wide statistic and is separate from your characters' levels Hero's Wit is a Material in Genshin Impact.Materials are mainly used for character progression, there are various materials found in the game that are used for Ascension, strengthening Talents, increasing the Character Level, Weapons enhancements, forging, and many more. There are various materials that can be collected and found throughout the game and players can obtain these by looting. Adventure rank is the most important factor that will affect your character's strength in Genshin Impact.This is quite different from the level system mechanic from traditional RPG or MMO games. It directly influences your character's level threshold and even the items you can potential acquire.In this post, I'll list down 12 ways to level up your adventure rank fast This domain can be annoying due to cool down time being extended. I think two Ice heroes might make this a breeze. Good luck and hope this video... This domain can be annoying due to cool down time being extended. I think two Ice heroes might make this a breeze. Good luck and hope this video... Channels Videos Games. Genshin Impact - Cecilia Garden [Level 80 Guide]【F2P With No 5 Star Heroes.

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Genshin Impact 1.6 Update: Release Date, Kazuha Banner, and More. 2021-06-07 10:53:02. Genshin Impact 1.6 is coming soon, and many players can't wait to know about the latest content and when it will be available. Release Dat In Genshin Impact, the best way to get more wishes is by spending Primogems.For every summon, players get 160 of the highly coveted material. Luckily, Primogems are easy to earn

Eula is the Character in Genshin Impact. The Spindrift Knight, a scion of the old aristocracy, and the Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company. The reason for which a descendant of the ancient nobles might join the Knights remains a great mystery in Mondstadt to this very day The current max level you can reach in Genshin Impact is level 63. You can expect to have Ascended your character 2-3 times by this point. The leveling experience is effortless to obtain, and with all the items like Wanderer's Advice, Adventurer's Experience, and Hero's Wit, you can easily reach a modestly high level. However, this is where it gets tricky. To ascend, you need to be a. As Genshin Impact is a game that has you recruiting and pulling a variety of different characters that level up individually, the Genshin Impact Adventure Rank is the level of the player themselves. The Adventure Rank lets the player, and others online, know how proficient they are at playing the game and how long they've spent in the world. While you might have already maxed out all four.

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Genshin Impact Wish Trick May Increase Chances of Getting 5-Star Characters. The Genshin Impact community is delving deeper into the game's gacha system and are discovering more information on how. Genshin Impact is an outstanding RPG that is heavily inspired by BOTW. It is one of the hottest titles now, as the game is available on multiple platforms. While this free-to-play game is rich with single-player content, it has mobage or mobile game elements included in the form of the Wish system.As you play the game, you'll be able to make several wishes which will result in acquiring. Genshin Optimizer is a tool for the action-rpg gacha game Genshin Impact. It is intended to help you with dealing with the more complex aspect of the game: Artifacts. Artifacts are heavily RNG-based elements that directly contributes to how effective your characters are in the game. This tool seek to alleviate some of the complexity associated with artifact efficiency, along with which. Encountering stronger enemies, you need to increase your character's level, which is in need of character EXP. Through obtaining different materials called Hero's Wit, Adventurer's EXP, and Wanderer's Advice in Genshin Impact, you can get more character EXP. This article will tell you how to Grind EXP In Genshin Impact. Do not miss it

Genshin Impact: Basic Weapon Guide. Here's a handy guide to help you understand the different weapon types in Genshin Impact in and out of combat. This collection of basic info and tips will help you understand why each weapon has a place in the game, and where each one has value. Dan Considine 2020-10-06 No Comments 1 like Guides Genshin Impact AEXP Farm Cheat Sheet Will Help All Players. A fan of the free-to-play Genshin Impact creates a cheat sheet giving players an idea of where to farm AEXP to level up their Adventure. In this situation, Genshin Impact can become frustrating, but there are ways out of it. It also should be a relatively quick fix, provided you've been careful about your currencies and have some to spare. Read on to learn more about what to do if you hit a World Level that suddenly feels overwhelming. Don't rush to the gach What the Max Level Cap in Genshin Impact Is. The max level cap in Genshin Impact is believed to be 63 at the moment, requiring a total of 3,034,450 EXP to achieve, according to the game's fandom.

Genshin Impact is one of the most expected releases in the past month, offering boatloads of content and many different and intricate combat and exploration mechanics for the player to learn and master as they make their way around Teyvat throughout their adventures Genshin Impact has a fairly large selection of playable characters so that each player can decide to create the team that they like the most. At the launch of this video game, the Genshin impact all characters list consists of 23 characters available, no longer the old Genshin Impact all 18 characters list 6 best ways to get more Wishes in Genshin Impact. The most efficient ways to get more gacha pulls. Tomas Franzese. 10.13.2020 7:46 PM. Genshin Impact might be free-to-play, but it mixes the best.

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  1. a). As we mentioned above, there are.
  2. For more information on this, have a look at our page on how to get more Genshin Impact Wishes, but for now, You'll also need Mora to level up your weapons and characters, so make sure you have some in reserve to go along with your level-up items. Sigils. Sigils are local currencies gained by going on expeditions in a certain area. They can be used to make purchases at souvenir shops for.
  3. As you progress in Genshin Impact, you will encounter stronger enemies. To battle these string and high-level enemies, you need to increase your character's level too, and that required character EXP. But nothing to worry about as we have got you covered for everything you need to know about how to farm character EXP in Genshin Impact
  4. Genshin Impact. miHoYo. This system does not work. In a normal RPG, if you got a low level party member you might take them to lower level areas and grind their levels manually or form a low.
  5. Genshin Impact Reroll. Rerolling in Genshin Impact means creating multiple accounts using a username. Characters in this game can gain experience mostly by completing quests and by using EXP items. Characters also get a very small amount of experience by defeating various monsters in the game. Once the players level up to 7, it opens up the.
  6. Genshin Impact Zhongli - Complete Talent Materials, Stats, How To Get - All You Need To Know. Gamers will have a fantastic opportunity to obtain the fan-favorite Zhongli with the latest 1.5 official releases for Genshin Impact. Since Genshin's release, it has been a resounding hit, prompting the devs to provide a lot of post-launch updates
  7. Genshin Impact XP Glitch: Know All About Adventure Level 25 Ascension. Genshin Impact features an ascension mechanism by which levelling up is possible only after completing a quest. New players often mistake this as a XP glitch. Genshin Impact was released on September 27, 2020, and one month before its release, it was claimed that the game.

Genshin Impact's made a big splash in the weeks since its release, living up to the incredible hype it built up pre-release as a game that plays something like a F2P Breath of the Wild meets Spellbreak — becoming a nine-figure IP with ease.Not only does this success give hope to the free-to-play solo RPG space and pave the way for further innovation, the popularity that comes with it means. How to Use Primogems in Genshin Impact. Exchange For Items Usable for Wishes. Item Primogem Cost; Intertwined Fate: 160 Primogems: Acquaint Fate: 160 Primogems: Each fate item that can be used for gachas are hard to acquire. They can be bought using primogems for 160 a piece. It is also recommended to purchase on the gacha screen instead of the shop to avoid buying the wrong type of item. Genshin Impact's Beidou is the captain of The Crux, a heavily armed fleet of ships that sails the seas, never stopping in one place for too long.She gets along well with her entire crew and loves to indulge in spicy food and drinking. Whenever Beidou lands in Liyue, she often breaks the rules, resulting in hefty fines from the Tianquan Genshin Impact Artifacts. In Genshin Impact, you can equip your character with a total of 5 different artifacts in 5 different slots. These slots are: Flower of Life: HP. Plume of Death: Attack. Sands of Eon: Elemental. Goblet of Eonothem: Damage Bonus %. Circlet of Logos: Critical. All of the artifacts have a rarity level in the game With nearly 35 Genshin Impact characters to choose from—as of the 1.5 update—you may not find it easy to narrow down the best fighters for your team, especially if you're new to the game. Each.

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List of available Genshin Impact promo codes. This list will be updated regularly to ensure codes are valid: (Last Updated: May 28, 2021) GENSHINGIFT - Grants 50 Primogems and 3 Hero's Wit; GS6ACJ775KNV - Grants 60 Primogems and 10,000 Mora WTNTBYSZJNRD - Grants 100 Primogems and 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore 8A6ABHTH2N9Z - Grants 100 Primogems and 5 Adventure X In Genshin Impact, there are various types of weapons that can be used during your adventures. In this Genshin Impact Best Weapons guide, we will list all the different weapons in this free to.

In Genshin Impact, upgrading characters and weapons are also tasks in themselves, as you'll need all kinds of different materials before you can push your party to the next level. You'll need to learn to spend Resin (stamina that regenerates over time) on EXP cards, Mora, Ascension materials, Weapon materials, Talent materials, Artifacts of each kind, Trounce Domains, and more 1. Know how the Wish system works. It may seem like a complicated lottery, but it is pretty straightforward, and there are prizes guaranteed to be unlocked every ten pulls. Every 10 pulls from the Wish system is guaranteed one item of four stars or greater. Every nine 10-pull draws (or 90 pulls) are guaranteed one five-star item Time needed: 45 minutes. To sum, here's how you get more characters in Genshin Impact. Reach Adventure Rank 5 to unlock Wishes. This is part of the main story and will take you around 45 minutes. How Genshin Impact is Changing F2P as we know It. Genshin Impact crashed onto the scene two weeks ago, hitting Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Mobile. With revenues expected to potentially. Genshin Impact utilizes gacha pulls to obtain new anime kids for battle, with a system similar to Fire Emblem Heroes. Read on to find out which characters are available and how to get them! Genshin Impact Story Characters. These three story characters that can be obtained simply by completing the tutorial quests. Amber . Amber is perky, excitable, and enthusiastic about adventuring. She's.

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Using this guide, see what the best swords are in Genshin Impact, and break down the stats, too. Learn the best swords and their greatest strengths, and you'll be knocking down slimes and hilichurls with no problems at all. If you're wondering how to prioritize swords, you've come to the right place The next way to unlock characters in Genshin Impact is by participating in events. To celebrate the release of the game, MiHoYo is conducting several events, and participating in them and completing them can give you some limited-time characters. For example, there is a beginner event going on that can give Barbara character to players. The event tasks players to reach level 20 before the. Genshin Impact is a fun game and all, but leveling up can be a nuisance. Many features, such as co-op, new questlines, and new Domains only unlock when you reach a certain Adventure Rank

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Home » Genshin Impact » Genshin Impact Change Party - How to Equip New Characters Equipping new characters and changing party members in Genshin Impact is a pretty important mechanic. It lets you customize your party setup and play as new characters that you discover on the way in order to create the perfect party for your play style Genshin Impact has attracted a lot of players in a short span of time since its release. It aims to offer an immersive adventure experience with vast, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. Also, it offers an engaging element-based combat system, a diverse cast of characters with richly developed stories, and a cross-platform co-operative mode. With a fairly large player base already, players. A good Genshin Impact character tier list is tricky to write. New characters are added every few weeks, and resulting new synergies can push previously overlooked characters higher up the list. We. Genshin Impact Diluc Build: Best Weapon & Artifact For Him⇓ Notes(1) Diluc's Role: DPS; Notes(2) Diluc Build - this Diluc build focuses on improvement to his Pyro DMG; give him more damage and he will perform very well! by gearing up Diluc with the best weapons and artifacts that we have shared in the below build guide; Best Weapons For Diluc in Genshin Impact⇓ In this Diluc weapon.

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But the world shall burn no more, for you shall ascend. Character Story 1. A boy and a girl stood amidst the tumult, under an unfamiliar sky. You were a pair of traveling twins, passing through countless worlds during your journey. Descending upon a continent named Teyvat, you hoped that you would be able to enjoy your time here Genshin Impact ist das erste Open-World-Spiel von miHoYo und spielt in der zauberhaften Welt von Teyvat. Hier herrschen die Götter, die über die sieben Elemente verfügen. Die Katastrophe, die das Land durchmachen musste, ist nun vorüber und seine Wunden können langsam heilen. Leider kehrte in die Stadt des Windes, Mondstadt, noch keine Ruhe ein Genshin Impact is probably one of the best mobile games out there, and a fantastic RPG without a doubt. You don't need to take our word for it — the game is free-to-play, and if you spend a. Leveling up weapons is necessary to increase their stats and in turn, improve your character's damage output. You can level up weapons by using Enhancement Stones or other weapons you don't use, preferably 1-star or 2-star weapons you can commonly find in chests. The amount of EXP these weapons and stones give will depend on their rarity

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Rerolling in Genshin Impact is a bit lengthy process and if you don't want to reroll, then Primogems is an alternative that grants players more wishes. However, Primogems is a premium currency. Meaning, players have to spend real-world money in order to get those extra wishes. To use the gacha system in Genshin Impact, players first need to get to Adventurer Rank 5. Also, it takes around 40.

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