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  1. Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions
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  3. ence over the past year as several well-known opinion journalists abandoned their longtime employers to start their own subscription-based.
  4. Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions. Log in Why go paid? Resources Switch to Substack Events. Login. Account Settings ; Set up your profile; Reader beta; Sign out; Get started For writers. Switch to Substack; Why go paid? Resources; Events; Discover great things to read. Browse top posts and publications or search by topic.
  5. Job searching is stressful due to a number of variables often outside of our control. To mitigate we educate ourselves, study and research on how to best prepare. But, there is actually a decent amount of stress around job searching we bring on ourselves. For example, mentally switching from 'gainfully employed' one day (even with buildup) to 'job search mode' the next
  6. On Substack, you're locked into a single design with some basic settings and no ability to create your own website or landing pages to promote your growing newsletter business. With Ghost you always own your content, subscriber lists and even the code because it's completely open source. This means if Ghost the company disappears, you can continue to run your membership business in perpetuity
  7. A Substack newsletter by Glenn Greenwald. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Trump DOJ Obtained Data on Schiff and Swalwell, Two Long-Time Champions of Domestic Spying The two California Democrats join the long list of politicians who enable spying on ordinary citizens, then angrily object when they themselves are targeted. Glenn.

Encoding text longer than 512 tokens. Transformer models have become the defacto for making semantic search. These are often limited by the 512 token limit. How do you make search for documents which are longer than this? The representation can also get noisy for long text (>50 tokens) which deteriorate the performance of search https://file411.substack.com/p/dear-mike-lindell-13-billion-seems Trump's Big Li

Become a paying subscriberJust join the free list, for now. A List Of People I Am Mad At, 5/28/21 This newsletter is a weekly (sometimes) list of people I am mad at. This is the list for May 28, 2021 Content. Substack users range from journalists, to experts, to large media sites. Among the high-profile writers to have used the platform are political-economics journalist Matthew Yglesias, culture critic Anne Helen Petersen, music essayist Robert Christgau, and food writer Alison Roman. The New York Times columnist Mike Isaac argued in 2019 that some of these companies see newsletters as a. One of the main reasons Substack has received so much blowback is because of Substack Pro, its program that pays well-known writers eye-popping sums to create newsletters. To be clear, Linehan is.

The subject of a recent New Yorker longread, Substack is a relative newcomer to the email newsletter field. Founded in 2017, the service allows writers to compose and send out their own. making Dijkstra's algorithm the fastest search algorithm for directed weighted graphs with no negative weights. Navigating OpenStreetMap. As we noted above, algorithms like BFS and Dijkstra's Algorithm produce a tree connecting the root node to every other node in the graph. This tree has the distinction of being the smallest weight tree for a directed (Dijkstra) or undirected (BFS) graph, making them ideal for whenever we need to find the shortest paths between two nodes A Substack newsletter by Rod Dreher. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Stealing Hours Lessons from the life of a quiet hero who died of heartbreak. Rod Dreher: Share . New Top What is Daily Dreher? About. The Wild Men Of Romania My life-giving weekend with the Christians of Bucharest. Rod Dreher. Jun 8: Share . Night Prayers In. PharmChem, Inc. - PCHM This high-quality healthcare company profits in the dark, but transparency is coming. In search of value in the market's forgotten corners. Welcome to Exploring with Alluvial Capital by me, Dave Waters. Dave is the president of Alluvial Capital Management, LLC, an investment manager with a

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Substack was founded in 2017, and over the past year, has become an increasingly popular choice for journalists who want to run subscription publications. It's managed to attract some high-profile.. I wrote a Substack newsletter once but coulnd't keep up. I found it hard on my own. Which is why I created cocreating.tech so people can find co-creators to produce newsletters, podcasts etc. with. After all, quality and highly successful newsletter sich as Petition are run by multiple authors. So: cocreating.tech Home. Hello and Welcome to Pictures of Dives! I'm Brandon, Chicago-based amateur photographer and barfly. I collect pictures and stories about dives or any unassuming place to grab a drink. You can follow Pictures of Dives on Twitter and Instagram and if you want to send me your own favorite spot or just want to say hi send me an email.

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A Substack newsletter by John Fairless. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Lectionary Lab PREMIUM Edition, Second Sunday after Pentecost, Year B. John Fairless and Delmer Chilton. Jun 1: PODCAST for The Second Sunday after Pentecost, Year B June 6, 2021. John Fairless and Delmer Chilton. Jun 1: 1: Share . Audio playback is not. Removing Substack fees. Because of how Stripe works, disconnecting will not prevent Substack from continuing to take a 10% commission on all existing subscriptions. Substack have an official policy that you can contact them before leaving to have these fees removed San Francisco-based Substack started back in 2017, and while the private company does not reveal exact figures, it is widely reported to have seen user numbers soar over the past year as both. Content Guidelines. Substack is a place for independent writing. We host and celebrate a diverse range of thought and discussion. The following guidelines outline what is and is not acceptable on Substack. We have the exclusive right to interpret and enforce these guidelines, although we may consult outside experts, research, and industry best.

Celebrating dives, bars, pubs and neighborhood watering holes, both past and presen Search Input. Sections. Sections. Democracy Dies in Darkness. Sign in . Sign in. Democracy Dies in Darkness When Atkin launched Heated, Substack gave her a $20,000 advance, she said, to get. Let the Apes Have Wall Street The much-publicized war over meme stocks drags a longstanding Wall Street ripoff out of the shadows, to hilarious results. Matt Taibbi. Jun 10. 322. Comment. 377. Share. Share. Editor's Note: Contributors Wanted TK News is expanding, so we're looking for new material, but of a particular kind Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions. Writers. Start a publication; Learn more; Switch to Substack; Why go paid? Resources; Events; About us. About; Jobs; Blog; Help; Log in. Discover great things to read. Browse top posts and publications or search by topic. Showing results for greenwald Glenn Greenwald. Launched 7 months ago. Search interest in Substack. Google searches for substack are up 1739% over the last two years, Exploding Topics data shows. And have increased by 1000% over the past year alone. Source: Exploding Topics. Substack funding. Substack has raised a total of $82.4 million across 4 funding rounds. Notable investors include Y Combinator and Andreessen Horowitz. Funding round, Date Amount; Pre.

Search Party. Notes on books, reading, and finding solace, from writer and long-time bookseller, Madeleine Watts. Let me read it first It's on all of them (and us) to change the trajectory. The next big thing in 2021 is... 50 of technology's top thinkers finish the sentence. Slack-Salesforce and The Next $10B+ Software Acquisition What it means for the consumerization of enterprise technology, and why Dropbox is next in line Investing Welcome to In Search of Reinvestment Moats by me, LiviamCapital. Investing and stocks. Very concentrated long-term buy and hold. Looking for reinvestme. LiviamCapital. Jul 24, 2020. 3. Comment. Share An 'educated guess' YOLO play. Searching for asymmetric returns Welcome to Squish Chaos, An Investing Newsletter by me, Squish. I'm a retail investor and incoming medical resident. I'm always looking for a well reas

PharmChem, Inc. - PCHM This high-quality healthcare company profits in the dark, but transparency is coming. In search of value in the market's forgotten corners. Welcome to Exploring with Alluvial Capital by me, Dave Waters. Dave is the president of Alluvial Capital Management, LLC, an investment manager with a A Substack newsletter by The Sustainable Culture Lab. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. A Phrase for Untruthful Language Linguistic Bad Faith • noun • (ling-guiss-tick bad fayth) Definition: Using bad faith language to sustain ethnocide. Origin: The Sustainable Culture Lab To help sustain and grow The Word with Barrett Holmes. A Substack newsletter by Jennifer C. Martin. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. The Commodification of Progressive Christianity Apparently Christ only hates capitalism when it comes from conservative evangelicals? Jennifer C. Martin: 6 Share . New Top Community What is The Dirtbag Christian? About. Progressive Christians Must. Your Substack page can't be hosted on your own website domain. This means the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefit goes to Substack, not to you and your internet dreams. Substack has no automation or sales funnels. This means you can't sell a digital product like an eBook, course, or coaching later on. Effectively you need to run an email provider like ConvertKit and Substack. Substack. A Substack newsletter by WTF is SEO? Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. SEO ideas for a new news product In issue 17, we look at what you should consider pre- and post-launch for a new news product (newsletter, podcast, content vertical). 2: Share . New Top What is WTF is SEO?? About. How TF do I find the top-referring keyword.

If you've been wondering how Substack works for writers and readers, or whether you should subscribe to a newsletter or start your own, you're in luck Breath First Search Tree starting at node 2. A much neater tree where we can easily see how the algorithm progressively explores the graph in successive shells (light blue, dark orange, light orange). This approach guarantees that the always find the shortest path (in number of steps) between the root and every other node — While Substack does better than most platforms SEO-wise, it is hard to beat Medium if your goal is to drive visitors through organic search traffic. There are very few platforms on the internet that have higher Domain Authority than Medium. And almost none of those that do rank higher allow guest posts from any person Publish on Substack A Newsletter about the fiction of Sarah A. Hoyt. Schrodinger Path. Subscribe. About; Archive; Help; Log in the house search didn't work at all and we're dropping our offer on the house. BUT we're going to attempt to get this house ready to go up for sale and then figuring it out from there. Anyway, this is the current cover for Another Rhodes, which is currently. Search for memes on social media that will adequately convey the loneliness, inherent failure, and built-in self-loathing that come with a life spent trying to eff the ineffable. Make your own memes, make your own jokes, make the point that literary failure is terribly funny - uproariously funny! - the great human comedy. In the end perhaps all we can share with one another is our small and.

Substack now has hundreds of newsletters from journalists based outside the U.S., co-founder Hamish McKenzie tells Axios. Details: The company is looking to expand its international footprint in the coming months, and will start hiring more people with experience in expanding businesses globally. The company recently raised $65 million in new venture capital funding that would value the. Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions. They provide web and newsletter publishing tools that are purpose-built for paid subscriptions. It also offers an all-in-one solution to help you get paid for your writing. Their tools will include easy-to-use editing software that can handl Substack has launched an RSS reader called Substack Reader. The service is meant for organizing Substack newsletter subscriptions, but it can pull in third-party RSS feeds, too Substack today has somewhere north of 500,000 paid subscribers, which represents a meteoric growth rate but is still just a fraction of, say, the New York Times' 7.5 million. On the long list of.

Search. Backchannel; Business; Culture; Gear; Ideas; Science; Security; Steven Lev y. Business. 11.20.2020 09:00 AM . The Tenuous Promise of the Substack Dream. Plus: The threat of blogs, the. I have the luxury of working in France, where the crisis the university is facing is somewhat different than in the Anglophone world (and where upper administrators are less likely —I hope!— to search out critical words from a peculiar foreign professor in their system writing in a foreign language). This distance frees up my tongue to say some things about the US system that I probably.

But today, in America and Canada, naming these risks is considered offensive—offensive, that is, to the doctors, therapists, surgeons, and gender clinics who are making careers fast-tracking youth to becoming the permanent patients of a regime of medical transition. Offensive to the parents who have already transitioned their children and can't bear if a single book in the library. I called it quits on the research after my deep dive on him (read: quick Google search) led me to a time he posted a creepy video with the dead body of a suicide victim in Japan a few years ago.1. In my mind, he's best known for being the older brother of Jake Paul. Jake is also an influencer

Leaning Tower of Pizza, BigGAN steered by CLIP using Big Sleep I wrote earlier about DALL-E, an image generating algorithm recently developed by OpenAI. One part of DALL-E's success is another algorithm called CLIP, which is essentially an art critic. Show CLIP a picture and a phrase, and it'll return a score telling you how well it thinks the picture matches the phrase Substack, the hot subscription newsletter startup, is building a reader app to help people manage all of their newsletters in a single place. That's the word from Substack CEO Chris Best on this. You may, if you are feeling masochistic, search on Twitter for people saying they'll never give to homeless people who are white. We know such people are afflicted in vast proportions by mental illness and addiction, but no matter: universal compassion amounts to centering whiteness. Welcome to the new moral world. The question that you would hope would eventually occur to the type of.

Mr. Best said Substack's reliance on email — rather than social media or search engines — promoted a one-on-one relationship between writers and readers, something that should be prized at a. The latest Tweets from Purple Insider (@Purple_Insider). Dedicated, unique coverage of the Minnesota Vikings by @MatthewColler and @SamEkstrom | Subscribe: https://t. June 7, 2021 Complaining that the fundamental right to vote has itself become overtly politicized, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) published an op-ed in the Charleston. June 6, 2021 Saturday evening, just in time for the anniversary of D-Day today, President Joe Biden published an op-ed in the Washington Post explaining that his up Search. Rewind Ye olde Substack: publishing's hot new business model has 17th-century origins The gossip sheets of yesteryear have been reborn as email newsletters . 1843 magazine. Jan 28th 2021.

The law firm recently invited me to interview Gary Moss, its head of litigation, for one of its podcasts. I found the development of patents over the past 550 years or so absolutely fascinating, as I hope you'll hear from the interview. It's on the EIP website and you can also find it on Soundcloud, Apple podcasts and Spotify if you search. Thu 29 Apr 2021 04.00 EDT. Last modified on Thu 29 Apr 2021 04.02 EDT. S ince launching in 2017, Substack has been touting itself as a better future for news. Their offering was simple. Regardless, the move by the search engine giant is surprising. Much like Facebook, advertisements are a major chunk of Google's business as well. Maybe, they don't mind losing out on ads given they already have so much first-party data from Android and Google's suite of apps? Google and Apple's Moves Will Make Facebook Feel the Squeeze. When Facebook launched an all-out battle against. I would publish letters from a prison inmate, ravings from someone with a mania for public records searches, or observations from someone who follows Delaware Chancery Court cases and can explain what the rulings mean for ordinary people. The kicker is that contributors must also have a sense of style or an innovative presentation. In an effort to avoid inundating subscribers with material. One sentence of this press release asserted a claim that the Mueller investigation, after searching for eighteen months, never found: namely, that Kilimnik provided the Russia intelligence services with sensitive information on polling and campaign strategy that he received from then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. Is it true that Kilimnik passed this polling data to the Kremlin.

This is Sulfur spraying for tinyvineyards.substack.com newsletter.mp4 by Joseph Daniel on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people wh Cats prowled in search of birds, so realistic were the songs coming over KGO. Insects approached the radio set attracted by Kellogg's singing. A pet canary joined in on the song. Now dear Mr. KGO, wrote one listener, please tell Mr. Kellogg the next time he whistles, please notify all concerned so we can all move our animals and other critters to other pastures so they won't mess.

It will take several cycles — and lots of soul-searching about what we did wrong, as well as lots of fortitude and enhancing of what we do right — to beat it back. And we must beat it back, because the future of democracy depends on it. Hi all, and thanks for reading and following The Signorile Report. Most of it is free to read, but if you'd like to support my writing and independent. Substack is getting into comic books and fiction as it expands its efforts to lure in writers beyond journalism to the platform. The newsletter company has hired Nick Spencer, writer of franchises. Dominic Cummings has set up a new Substack, with subjects to include coronavirus and his time inside No 10. Cummings is also using his Substack to offer his skills as a consultant Playing the COVID 19 antiviral roulette Searching for an antiviral agains SARS-Cov2. Alan Aspuru-Guzik. Jun 23, 2020: 4: Share . Our journey into contact tracing: The MyTrace/MaTrace project. Words of thank you to all the community that helped build our project. Alan Aspuru-Guzik. Jun 18, 2020: 1: 1: Share . See all . The Matter Blotter. Subscribe. What is The Matter Blotter? Archive Authors. Substack has taken the best elements of its predecessors to create a home for writers craving control and readers who want their words straight from the horse's mouth

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Documentally. A curious journal in search of novelty, exploring what we share, how we share, and where we're going. Let me read it first A Substack newsletter by The Galaxy Report. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Death by Primordial Black Hole to U.F.O.s and the Search for Alien Life Why aren't we talking more about UFOs? asks Megan McArdle in Washington Post Opinion --We are now getting previews of the latest government investigation into that question, a. Search for Node Packages on the npm Registry. score name version author last updated Total Results: 9.8. Untitled Project?? unknown: unknown: unknown: Example Queries: express Search by Package Name author:substack Search by Package Author keywords:react,redux Search by Keywords . Powered By. Welcome to my substack #4. Soundtrack to this post: Dancing In The Moonlight, Love Language. 1. With my Ammu's silver plated handheld mirror, I would walk around my house trying to discover the world on the other side. I was four years old, maybe five, and I'd walk around the house with the mirror facing up. Through the mirror, gone were the brown shag carpet and white walls of our.

Publish on Substack. Bringing the best of Institutional research and curated good reads to Indian equity participants. Equity Capsule #E2 What makes stocks go up (and down), some takeaways from RIL Annual Report searching for growth, India-China trade face-off, Li Lu, market predictions a Abhishek Murarka. Jul 11, 2020: 29: 2: Share . Equity Capsule: Curated weekly: #E1 Some good reads. My Google search history: a frank interrogation Featuring guest interrogator Kate Knibbs. Ashley Feinberg. May 13: 44: 16: Share . A Substack newsletter by Ashley Feinberg. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Partisanship is tearing WikiFeet apart It's time for our nation of foot fetishists to heal. Ashley Feinberg: 13: 5. A Substack newsletter by Packy McCormick. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Cityblock Health The Vertically-Integrated, Value-Based Arbitrageur Fixing Healthcare. 13: Share . New Top Community What is Not Boring by Packy McCormick? About . The Cooperation Economy Or How to Build a Liquid Super Team. Jun 7: 28: 11: Share. I send out 2 newsletters a week: a short one on Friday — usually a news round-up — a. New Top Community What is Saving Culture (from itself)? If you have the words, there's always a chance that you'll find the way -- Seamus Heaney . Happy Friday! Seventy-four years ago today, my father was born — arse-first and very large.

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Substack is raising $65 million in new venture capital funding that would value the company at around $650 million, Axios has learned. Existing investor Andreessen Horowitz is leading the round. Why it matters: Substack, which provides a platform on which writers can publish paid email newsletters and keep most of the revenue, has seen its. A Substack newsletter by Yassmin Abdel-Magied The search for the perfect place is doomed from the start, isn't it? Yassmin Abdel-Magied | يا سمين . Mar 20: 8: 2: Share . Week 9 - Baby steps... I did a truly brave thing this weekend. I went to the hairdresser. Now, I can hear you thinking, 'c'mon, Yassmin! We want more!' I get it. You mightn' Yassmin Abdel-Magied | يا. A Substack newsletter by Turner Novak. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Snap Partner Summit 2021 Recap Snap opens more of its platform to developers, growth of core Snapchat still accelerating . Turner Novak: May 25: 20: 1: Share . Snap hosted its 2021 Partner Summit last week. Here's my recap and key takeaways, as is. —My lessons in searching for Steven Sinofsky. Jun 7: 8: 17: Share . 030. My Performance Review (and Expense Report) I do not think I have met my expectations for this assignment, but based on the past six months it is clear my expectations for making you more effect Steven Sinofsky. Jun 3: 6: 2: Share . 029. Telling of the Untold Story Until six months ago Gates & Co. appeared lost.

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Definition of substack in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of substack. What does substack mean? Information and translations of substack in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web Substack is a pragmatic response to one issue plaguing an industry in crisis - a collapsing ad-based revenue model. Rather than propose more voodoo innovation, it addresses the issue head on. Substack has become synonymous with writers looking to go independent. But for many years prior, there was a different go-to place for self-publishing: Medium A Substack newsletter by Sari. Want the full experience? Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. Learn more. Check your Pulse #61 on my mind. Sari: Jun 9: 9 Share . Hi, I'm Sari Azout and this is the the 61st edition of Check your Pulse, a tech and startups newsletter designed to make you feel human. Today's issue is sponsored by Intent, a dev shop that has built over. Substack Review: A Quick Overview. Name: Substack Website: https://substack.com Owner: Chris Best Price: Free to Join Summary: Yes, you can start a newsletter, build your community and make money from subscription. You can join the platform for free. As a member, publishing is also free with no limits

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny - Japanese Gameplay andRite Aid Used Facial Recognition in Stores for Nearly aRational Ground – Clear Reasoning on National Policy forBalan Wonderworld - Japanese Power-Ups and Bosses Art andPuyo Puyo Tetris 2 - Japanese Gameplay and Character Art

RiskIQ was then able to search for domains with matching banner responses that also used Sectigo certificates and had other criteria. Livelli says that although most security firms have closed their SolarWinds investigations at this point, he still expects new malware will be found. We strongly suspect that there is other malware associated with this campaign that has not yet come to light. Newsletters are growing up and leaving the coop. After 10 months as a collection of newsletters created via Substack, the team behind the Everything Bundle is breaking out on its own with $600,000 in seed funding, its own content and newsletter software built in-house, and a refreshed brand as Every. Why it matters: While services like Substack. Razib Khan's Unsupervised Learning. Conversations on genetics, history, politics, books, culture, and evolutio Substack: how the game-changer turned poacher. It started as a newsletter platform for unknown writers. Now it is becoming a media giant in its own right - with many of the problems it was.

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